My Loves

My Loves

Monday, November 1, 2010

coley's punkin party!

Happy Punkin Party Day!
This past weekend we celebrated Coley's 2nd birthday with his friends. It was a punkin party at Priddy Farms. We had pizza, goldfish, pretzels, and yummy Kipp's cupcakes. The kids had a ball playing on all the forts and swingsets. Everyone went for a hayride, and the kids were able to choose their own punkin to take home. Some children, not Colton rode the barrel trains. It was a beautiful day, and everyone had a ball!

Zsa zsa and coley

yeah-yah and colton

sport sweatband party favors

more favors

Happy punkin day!

yummy cupcakes!

thanks to everyone who came! also, a huge thanks to my sweet friend christine who captured all of these fabulous memories for me!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tiger Football!

Coley and Mikey taking a stroll down Tiger Lane. So fun and so beautiful, we had such a fun day with friends and family!
Colton and the Clanton girls playing some ladder golf.

Cornhole anyone?

Last Saturday, we headed down to the Cooper Young Fesstival. Debbie and I have gone together for the last 5 years. Colton was a trooper and we had a blast. From there, we headed to meet the guys for the football game. My sweet friend, Christine, let us use her Tiger Lane pass. What and awesome experience. The area is beautiful and the Tigers won!

Fall Festival Fun

Fall is in the air...well, not really. Its still 90 + degrees. We recently ventured out to the Germantown Festival for some fun!
He like to "look" at the animals, not a fan up close.

The airplanes were his favorite!!! Weeeee!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

precious boy

love this quirky face!

I just want to squeeze him!

My friend Christine came to school to help Beth and I out ith our mother's day gift and she managed to get a few shots of Colton too! I am in love with them, and I am having her make me another necklace with an updated picture. She is also going to do a family session with us, hopefully in May!

Thanks Christine!


Well, colton says its swimmin weather so, we had to find some kind of pool device to let him explore and be free, but to also be safe. So here ya have it, even matches his new frof polliwalks!
Playdate with Jenny and Evan at DD and DonDon pool. Both boys, an both mommys actally got in the big pool--its April Ya'll!
In this pic the boys are taking a swim break to enjoy some whole grain cheez-its!

doesnt it look like there are in such a serious conversation!?!?!?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Look what the Easter Bunny brought to town! He delivered this neat-o sand and water table to Ellie's house and one to Colton's house. So fun!
Easter with Grandma, JR, and Sis
Family Easter Pic!
With mimi/zsa zsa and granddaddy!

update/catching up

It has been 6 months since I last blogged, so here is a little update in pics!
The above pic was taken at school, we took donut holes for Colton's class to share for his 1st birthday! I think that will be our school birthday tradition, who doesnt love a donut hole!
Josh, Krissy, and the birthday boy at his party. I made the outfit!
He loved the smash cake, Kipp did a wonderful job!
Besties, Colton and Addie in their annual matching Christmas PJ's!
Surgery day. He had 3 procedure on January 6th. He has recovered and is doing just fine!
First haircut from Ellie!
Momma and Dada took him to Build Bear for Valentine's Day. He chose a Tiger, dressed in a Grizzlie uniform. Go Memphis!
We went to lots of Tiger games and ate lots of "po-corn!"
In March we went to Gulf Shores to visit Nanny and Pops. Colton LOVED the sand!
Pops, Momma, and Coley
Playing on the playground at school!
Coloring at school.
Preschool Easter Egg hunt, He is a total pro!