My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, January 22, 2009

luvie lambie

coley and his "luvie" he rubs lambie against his face for comfort. it is so sweet! thanks to Jenny, Addi, and Anna Cate for this great gift!

Coley at the game last night sound asleep with lambie!

He is 11 weeks old today!
We weighed him on the wii fit, 15.7 lbs!

date night

Coley and Addie had a date the other night. They let the mommies and daddies come along too. Too bad they both slept the entire time! We sure had a good time!

littlest tiger fan

Coley loves all the lights and sounds at the Tiger games. He gets tons of attention too!

Love this pic of me and my sweet boy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

10 weeks

colton michael and daddy
10 weeks!

coley is all ready for golfing with daddy

the peninsula is the golf course that nanny and pops live on in gulf shores.

colton on the tee box!

the view from the stroller, only a few more years!

9 weeks

bath time in nanny's kitchen sink!
pops, nanny, and coley

colton michael
9 weeks
(love what he is wearing!!! hehe)

first road trip!

mom and i took coley on his first road trip last week. some of you thought i was crazy for taking a 9 week old in the car for 7+ hours, but it was a great experience! we made it to gulf shores in less than 8 hours and only stopped twice. coley slept the whole way!
coley loved playing and snuggling with his great grandpa and grandma (nanny and pops)!

so glad we were able to go visit!

8 weeks!

colton had his 8 week check up and shots on the 5th of january. he weighed a whopping 14.4 lbs and was 24 inches long. he tolerated the shots well and slept most of the day. we go back for more shots in early march. all is well!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

new years takes on a whole new meaning!

my how things have changed for us! we spent new years eve with our new babies at the conways. lots of yummy food and wii! the babies were awake for most of the night, and even helped ring in the new year! thanks to the conways for hosting a fun-quiet night. happy new year!
coley tried out addie's bumbo, and was sitting up pretty well. still need a little more strength training. he seemed to like it. colton is 8 weeks old today, time goes by so fast!


aunt debbie and uncle donnie bought the kiddos these sweet - matching tiger outfits. coley's tiger socks are compliments of dave , les, ml, and via!

babies take on the tigers!

colton with his daddy, all the excitement wore him out!

evan was real interested in the game too!

well, at least addie made it for the whole game!

jenny & evan (4 weeks), jamie & coley ( 8 weeks), and sarah & addie (20 weeks)
we were able to score several tigers tickets for the one o'clock new years eve game. we invited the conways, huffmans, and millranys to join us. colton was so excited to have his friends evan and addie at the game! everyone had a great time, and the tigers won!