My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, November 3, 2011

something about a man in a uniform...

colton surprised mom at her party by wearing this uniform. she loves a flightsuit.


we got her!

for the past few months we have been planning mom's 50th surprise party. this was hands down, one of the hardest things i have ever done. mostly because this is usually something we would plan together. josh and krissy were so kind to offer their new home to host the party.

my sweet friend heather made this awesome "50" display out of paper flowers. we hung it on the front door...too bad she didnt even enter thru that door. way to go dad!
memories table.

our favorite cake from costco, spruced up a bit with moms favorite...gerber daisys

close to 100 friends and family joined us to celebrate. we were all waiting for her to enter the FRONT door...but she had other plans, and dad didnt intervene.

she entered thru the back door and surprised us. lol

krissy, me, and marybeth

Coley and yea-yeah about to blow out the candles!

colton had a blast at the party

josh's speech/roast

janie, me, and the beast--great food!

deebs, me, and janie--love these girls

joe and donna came in from orlando to surprise mom!
fun times, DUDE!

love, love, love this family pic, just wish coley was in it!

happy 50, we love you momma!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sunday football funday

Sunday, Josh and Krissy had a football watching party. Look at these cutie patooties hanging out watching some toons! Colton and Brayden had a blast. Things got a little ugly when everyone headed out back....
Josh and Colton "plotting"Poor Paige, BTW it is October and that pool is NOT heated.

She got him back!

Makes me shiver just looking at them!

homework snack

Colton made me this lovely study snack... Play-doh Pizza, yum yum!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pictues say it all

Happi Times Farm visited the preschool this week, Colton dressed like a farmer. He was so excited and loved all the animals!My sweet friend, Christine took this photo while he was visiting the farm.
CHEESE, thats how he smiles now.

This boy LOVES his tubby time!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

daddy's new back yard!

Yesterday, we took Coley for his first trip to "My Big Backyard" at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. It was a beautiful day.Flower Beds, haha
Coley and daddy checking it all out.

Colton was cooking up something yummy!

My sweet child refuses to look at the camera...

Momma and Coley man in the cool swing.

Checking it all out! This place was filled with the coolest nooks and crannies.

Crossing the algae pond, "all by himself!"

Some of the cute playhouses.

yea, he looks bad and brave with daddy on the cross bridge. but, he absolutely would not do the slide!

oops, posted this pic twice!

the music house, where he was smacked in the eye with a wrench. recovered quickly and went back in to make more music!

tunnels everywhere...

Wowza, he's looking at the camera! yay, what a sweet pic!

Hugging the dinosaur, he was so excited!

I love this red bridge over the coy pond.

Hanging out over the water. We had such a fun day together at "My Big Backyard." When we told Colton where we were going, he ran around at church telling everyone that his daddy got a new backyard! hehe, so cute.


sarah and i at alfreds

a very unexpected and random night out. we scored tickets to widespread panic on saturday. jim and sarah joined us, and we had a blast. great show, great fun. saw a sweet friend, jolie for the first time in over 6 years. she and her hubby were here for the show and met us for a drink!

Monday, September 26, 2011

work in progress

found this stack of frames today at hobby lobby. love it next to my new painting. yay!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday salsa

i decided to make my own salsa. my friend roro brought some that she made to paint night. it was so yummy! i scoured several recipes and methods, combined a few and set off for the grocery. the first step was to chop the onion, green bell pepper, jalapeno, and tomato.
above is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen, love it. it chopped the jalapenos so finely!

from there i added fresh cilantro, lime juice, garlic pepper, garlic salt, and regular salt. next, i started to mix it with my other favorite kitchen tool - the pampered chef chop and stir. it was blending nicely, but not enough. i wound up chopping it more in the food processor. i also added more of the seasonings to taste. it was hard to tell how much because its supposed to sit over night.

finished product!

i put some in a bowl for josh, and the rest i mixed with corn for me! i am so excited. think i may do another batch tomorrow.

recipe (well, sort of):

4 roma tomatoes

3 large tomatoes

1 white onion

1 green bell pepper

2 jalapenos

fresh cilantro

lime juice

garlic pepper

garlic salt

table salt

- i boiled the tomatoes for 1.5 minutes then immersed them in cold water, the skin then peeled right off. i scraped the seeds out.

so so so excited to have this tomorrow after all the flavors have "married" over night!