My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The pictures are from a baby shower for two of my school friends. Margaret is due in July with a little boy-James David, and Amy is due in September with a little boy- Cooper Reid. I am due in November and Jennifer Tillman is due in December. This was a wipes and dipes shower! Fun-fun! Anne--we missed you tons!

Today was my 16 week check up at the OB, I have gained a whopping 2 lbs this whole pregnancy. Not too bad. I find out on June 10th what we are having--so excited!

Dad is doing much better, back from Orlando tonight. Now the dogs all have something wrong. Rocko is being treated for some kind of severe skin allergy. JJ had a biopsy today, we should know something in 5 days. Yoshe is at the emergency vet now. She went to the vet this morning b/c there was a tick on her and she needed a bath. She came home with patches of fur missing and now her eyes have junk all in them and she can't open them. WE shall see what the ER vet says.

Love to you all!


School's out for summer...well, kinda. Our last day was Thursday and it was bittersweet. I am so excited for the kids to start a new chapter in their life, but a part of me wants to keep them around for another year. We had some moms shed a few tears, mostly those who are sending their last children off to the big world of "big kid school!" Some parents looked frightened--"what are we going to do with them all summer?!" I will miss them so much, I will see a few while subbing at Camp Hop. My work plans for the summer consist of Camp Hop, working the auction 1 day a week, babysitting (lots of gigs lined up), and preparing for this baby to arrive!

MaryLou and Olivia (dave and les too) arrive in 2 weeks-- I am so excited. We are picking them up from the airport and will head straight to the lake house. Everyone else arrives sometime Friday. Should be a fun weekend of boating, eating, relaxing, laughing, etc.--you get the point. My grandparents are coming up to Memphis on Sunday so we can all be together for a few days! It should be a very nice Father's Day! For those of you who don"t know MaryLou and Olivia--that is them in the pic. This is one of my fav pics of them. MaryLou is 7 and Olivia just turned 5! They are growing so fast!

Gotta go get ready for the Dr. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back from the lake

Returned from our 2nd weekend at the lake. This weekend we had some trees cut down, Direct TV installed, a power line moved, more cleaning, and mom shampooed the carpets. We were able to get out on the lake Sunday and Monday. The water is still very high-- but starting to warm up. It should be just fine by the time our guests arrive on the 12. I can't wait to be with my family!

Dad is doing great. He had surgery on Friday, which was a success! They removed the stint from the right kidney and removed a stone from the left side. he seems to be doing much better. Still a little sore, and needs to gain back the 15 lbs that he lost. He left for Orlando last night-- I hope he is pain free!

I go to the Dr tomorrow for a routine check up. It has been a month since I was last there. I feel great, 16 weeks and 2 days!

Mom and I head to Orlando on the 2nd and will return the 7th. Aunt Tammi is joining us as well. I am sure we will lay at the pool and shop~! Loads of relaxing fun. Too bad I won't know what I am having--at least I will spend less money that way!

Hope all is well where you are!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm back!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I took off for the lake on Friday. There is lots to do in preparation for the Steele's, Lipscomb's, and McGoldrick's arrival in June. I went early to meet the Direct TV installer, which was a no go b/c we have too many trees. I will be going back this Friday to meet the tree cutter and Direct TV man--once again. Josh and Michael arrived Friday night with the painters, bed, and refrigerator. They has some complications along the way...starting with Michael's slow start to the day. He isn't the timeliest person, but he will do anything for anyone! They had to pull over twice -- almost lost the matress and dolly on the interstate. This was all before they crossed the bridge!

It was quite an eventful weekend--many stories to last us a long time. Mom says the paint looks great. We have a few more updates to make this weekend--but the major stuff is done!

Dad is doing somewhat better we think. He wound up going on his golf trip. He told mom he would either be miserable in Memphis or miserable in Florida. He did get to play some golf. I think there is still some pain. He has 2 appointments tomorrow--1 is a Cat scan. Hopefully they will remove the stint this week. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

My next Dr appointment is a week from today. We find out boy/girl on the 10th!!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sorry for the change

This is an easier place to blog and had more custom options. So change your address books, this is where we are now! I will re post the stuff from AOL, so that I have record of it!

Sorry for the confusion!