My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The pictures are from a baby shower for two of my school friends. Margaret is due in July with a little boy-James David, and Amy is due in September with a little boy- Cooper Reid. I am due in November and Jennifer Tillman is due in December. This was a wipes and dipes shower! Fun-fun! Anne--we missed you tons!

Today was my 16 week check up at the OB, I have gained a whopping 2 lbs this whole pregnancy. Not too bad. I find out on June 10th what we are having--so excited!

Dad is doing much better, back from Orlando tonight. Now the dogs all have something wrong. Rocko is being treated for some kind of severe skin allergy. JJ had a biopsy today, we should know something in 5 days. Yoshe is at the emergency vet now. She went to the vet this morning b/c there was a tick on her and she needed a bath. She came home with patches of fur missing and now her eyes have junk all in them and she can't open them. WE shall see what the ER vet says.

Love to you all!

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Southern Mama said...

Oh Man, ya'll can't catch a break. I know your Mom is freaking out about the dogs. I'll say a little prayer for them and ya'll.

I wish I could have been at the shower. I kept looking in the background I think I saw my ghost enjoying the company. I'm so excited for ya'll. What fun!

The girls will be here in about 3 hours. We can hardly wait.

Love you,