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My Loves

Sunday, September 28, 2008

pics from Ecuador

Construction Trip/September 2005

20 years

Today at church we celebrated 20 years! It was a very refreshing and uplifting service for me, wonderful music and inspiring testimonials. I have attended hope since 1997, back when we met in the gym/youth area. We came to Hope for a very small Methodist church on Raleigh. Things were so different and BIG! Mom and Dad joined in 1998, I was just "attending."

I slowly started getting involved with Hope, other than Sunday morning service. First, mom and I worked in the nursery 1 weekend a month. She then nudged me into working the coffee bar 1 weekend a month. Next thing ya know, I am volunteering at MTV every Wednesday! This is where I found my peeps and it all went uphill from there. In the summer of 2005, mom and I went to Ecuador with lots of our "kitchen" friends. What an amazing experience. It changed my life. That September I had the opportunity to return to Ecuador with a smaller more intimate group, again--what a mind blowing experience. We formed a small group from our "Ecuador Buddies." As most of you know I was able to go back to Ecuador 2 more times in 2006. Thanks to all of you who prayed for me and supported my trip financially. It was such a blessing to be able to go and share with others the word and works of the Lord.

It was in 2005 that I finally took the plunge, and joined Hope.

As most of you know I work there now too! Our preschool is a ministry in its own way. I love my kids and coworkers, they are the best!

Just thought it would be nice to reflect on my own experience at Hope.


Jim, Sarah, and Addie had their first social outing this weekend. They came over to Don and Debbies for Fajitas. Addie was so good, she slept a lot. Aunt J was finally able to hold this sweet little bundle of preciousness! She is so tiny!

Friday, September 26, 2008

addie goes shopping with aunt j

Yesterday was the Hope Market Square. Sarah and Addie ventured out for their first mother/daughter shopping trip. I was so excited to be a part of it. Addie slept the whole time and was very comfy in her stroller!

She has a lot to learn from aunt j about shopping! cant wait til colton is here to join us!

bi-weekly dr visits

went for my bi-weekly dr visit on wednesday. everything is...kinda the same. gained a pound, colton is still growing. they have cut back my sugar testing to two times a day instead of four! my fingers were so excited. I go back in two weeks, then it is time for weekly visits! fun!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

more shower pics

"Ellie and Me"
I have lived on the same street as these lovely ladies since I was 9!!!
Donna, me, Debbie, and Vivian

Sis (Josh's great Aunt), Mimi, Grandma, and Granny

Shelly, Lisa, me, Jen, and Deebs

Go Tigers!

we are so blessed!

Jennifer, Lisa, Debbie, and Shelly hosted a baby shower this past Thursday. It was amazing! These girls went all out as usual. Wonderful appetizers, dinner, and yummy desserts (I was able to sample, after altering my sugar for the day!)

Special outfit, sent from my grandmother, who lives on the coast. I spotted this at Strausburg when I was there visiting in June. Can't wait for Colton to be able to wear it! Dress up will be so much fun!

We are accenting the nursery with monkeys. My aunt found this cutie at Costco, they have everything.

Mimi ordered these cowboy boots from Canada. Maybe he will ride horses like his daddy used to! A little scary for me, considering I am SCARED of horses. But his Mimi and grandaddy sure love them!

finishing touches

Starting on the "fininshing touches" in Colton's room!

home sweet home

This is a pic of Addie take last Wednesday in the Continual Care Unit. I went with Sarah for a visit and feeding. She is such an angel. She nursed for a while and finished with the bottle. Look, no feeding tube!!!

I'd like to think she is smiling for me! Look at her chubby cheeks!

I am happy to report that the very next day, September the 18th, Addie went home!

She is 5 weeks old and is doing so well! Not quite 6 lbs, feeding and sleeping well! Thanks for all of your prayers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike swings through Memphis

Ike swung through Memphis overnight. We didn't have any damage at our house, but mom has some pretty big limbs down in her back yard. She also lost a few shingles. We are enjoying the cooler, breezy weather!

Beautiful day...

We found Janie and Toni at Cafe Ole'!
Nice break from the hot temps!

Debbie and Janie

Toni and I

Debbie and I went for our annual trip to the Cooper Young Festival this weekend. It was a gorgeous day, a little warm--at least we started early. We met up with Janie and Toni at Cafe Ole' and sat with them for a bit. I love this time of year, walking around at various festivals and enjoying the outdoors! Debbie wears her pedometer daily, we walked over 3 miles today. My legs and back were quite tired.

From there, we made a stop at Tiger Bookstore and at Target. Didn't find anything, just browsed around. We checked in on mom , who was busy putting a glaze on the walls in my guest bath. It looks great. Now we need to add the finishing touched! Josh and I are shopping for towel bars today, yippee!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hi Ellie/Mommy

We miss you Ellie/Mommy!
But don't worry, Jamie and Josh are taking great care of us!
Come home soon!
Don't take too many ambien, hehe.
Tell Mitchie hello.

much improvement

Daily Addie Update...

She is weighing in at a whopping 5.12 lbs and is taking over 20 cc's of breast milk from the bottle. She will be moved to the step down of the NICU-Continual Care. Sarah will be able to be much more hands on, very exciting. She will surely be coming home soon!

I am sad to report that Baby Girl B did not make it, please keep the family in your prayers!

not cooperating...

Colton Michael ~ 31 weeks 3 days
Look at the Chubby Cheeks!

Colton says "really guys, can ya leave me alone in here? i am busy growing!"
he kept his hands in front of his face the WHOLE time!

Sleepy, Chubby Baby!

Our sweet boy is weighing in at around 4.6 lbs!

Well, today I had a routine check up. Was not supposed to have an ultrasound, but because he had been breech and the fact that I never feel him move--they did one! I was very excited until Colton decided not to cooperate. He kept his little hands in front of his face, or turned the other way the entire time. Wasn't his day for photos. The good news is that he is no longer breech! Yay! He was also practicing his breathing, a lot! You could see his little diaphram moving--so neat. She says he is practicing for the real world. His heart rate was great, and it looks as if he weighs around 4.6 lbs!

I have gained 2 lbs in the last month, for a total of 12. She says I am doing well with my weight. They checked my blood sugars, and I was only high a few times. Supposed to keep on doing what I am doing.

Looks as though I will be able to schedule the delivery, but not until we reach 36 weeks. She will schedule up to a week early! I go back in 2 weeks for a check up. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Monday, September 8, 2008

so big!

a new feeding technique for preemies. addie took 10 of her 38 cc's from the bottle today! very exciting! the technique is to hold them like a football and to tilt the bottle back and forth as needed to let them catch their breath. supposed to help with less gas too!
sarah changed her first poopy diaper today!

look, she is growing out of her preemie clothes. (margee, i think you gave
her this one!)
I can't believe how long and big she looks here.

So sweet and peaceful in her mommas arms, with a full tummy!

Momma and sweet baby!

Today was a great visit with Addie. She is up to 5.10 lbs and almost 18 inches long. Sarah changed her diaper, took her temp, and fed her today. She is taking fewer IV fluids and more breast milk! Pretty soon she will move to the step down side.

Please pray for the baby/family that is next to Addie. The baby is not doing well at all, and they are preparing the parents for the worse. Pray for Baby Girl B and her parents.

neighbors...enough said!

So, last week I took Rocko out front to do his business. He doesn't like to go potty in the backyard because there is a BIG-LOUD dog next door that he is scared of. Well, Rocko is doing his business and I am minding mine and a neighbor from across the street comes over in hysterics. Even though I have lived in this house basically since I was nine, I do not know her all that well. She proceeded to tell me about the renters next door to me. She was furious. I am already unhappy that they park one of their many random cars/trucks/vans in the front yard--what else could be so bad?

Apparently, the day before their lovely pit bull (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) got out of the backyard and took off down the street where children were playing and riding bikes. The owner takes off after the dog screaming to the kids "STOP-FREEZE, HE WILL BITE!" At this point, all I can think is that could have been Rocko and I in the front yard and we could have been his first target. SCARY! Needless to say, all of the surrounding neighbors are up in arms and pretty furious about the dangerous dog--that will bite!

Many words have been exchanged from this neighbor to others..lots of not so pretty words. The cops have even been called because of some threats. Everyone wonders if the person who owns the house is aware that a pit bull is living there. I am scared to take Rocko to the potty or to check my mail.

Today, Mr pit bull neighbor left a letter/flyer on all the mailboxes explaining their situation. He apologized for the dog getting out, as it was his fault. He also showed a picture and described the pen/enclosure he built to keep the dog in. Mr pit bull said he is a loving-friendly dog who has never bitten anyone before.

Now I am just plain confused... stumped really.

Any thoughts?

I know the breed is stereotyped a lot, just don't know what to think.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

festival time!

I love fall and all of the festivals that come with it. I wouldn't consider this fall...not quite yet, but the festivals have begun! Today, Debbie, Sarah, Melissa, and I ventured out to the Germantown festival. Um, it was HOT! After about five minutes, we were all like "and why did we come here?" We quickly found the pronto pup stand ( or should I say party dog stand) and found a place to grab a bite with a cold drink. The rest of the day was spent in the shade, for the most part. We wandered and looked at everything from hair bows to yard signs. Of course there was lots of people watching going on! I ran into my favorite OB nurse, hope I didn't have any mustard on my face from the party dog! We had a great time, cant wait for next weeks Cooper Young Festival!

Addie update

Addie is doing fabulous. She now weighs 5.8 lbs and is holding down breast milk. They are feeding her with a feeding tube, she isn't too interested in the bottle. That is the next step. She is just precious and is wearing clothes now! Sarah took most of the preemie gear to the hospital so she can wear it there. Addie is growing so fast, she will be out of the preemie clothing soon! Hopefully they will get her interested in sucking so they can move on to the step down unit. Sarah and Jim cant wait to bring her home!

Jim got a promotion at UPS and is now on a more normal schedule...what a blessing for the Huffman's! He will be working 3-12 Monday thru Friday.

Sarah is doing great. She is getting around so well. I will go over there tomorrow to help arrange Addie's new furniture! How exciting!

Keep praying for them. Pray for Addie to become interested in eating more and for Jim and Sarah to be able to bring her home soon! Can you believe it has been 3 weeks since she was born?!?!?

Fun with friends

Sarah and I at the Tigers game, doesn't she look great!
The boys playing "tailgate golf"

Mel and I at tailgate!

Saturday was the first Memphis home game, vs. Rice. We had a nice tailgate with the Russell's, Huffman's, Conway's and the Meier's. The food was great, the company even better. It is nice to have Jim and Sarah around again! Too bad the Tigers choked in the last five minutes and lost the game. It was still a great time, I am so ready for basketball season! We can't wait to take Colton and Addie to their first game together! I believe Colton is due the night of the first home game. Dad and Josh said they were torn as to where they would be... needless to say it will be Methodist Germantown if it does happen that way!

I go back to the Dr on Wednesday. This is the start of my 2 week check ups. I still don't feel Colton too much--if at all because of the anterior placenta. Hopefully he has flipped himself around, and is no longer in the breech position. I will also be showing the Dr my blood sugar journal, I have been in check for the last two weeks. I have caved on a few indulgences (pronto pup-- I'll keep this a secret from another GD friend at school and a glazed donut). My sugar was in the normal range after eating both of these, so I am beginning to I have GD after all? My fingers are sore from testing four times a day. But I will continue because it is best for me and the baby! I will also try to schedule my delivery while I am there...want to make sure my daddy is in town for Colton's big debut!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Showering her in pink!

(pictured--Meredith, Jamie, Debbie, Sarah, Tait, and Melissa)

This is a pic from Sarah's shower. As most of you know little Addison decided she couldn't wait to be in the "real world," so our plans had to change! Originally, we had planned to shower Sarah at the hospital while she was on bed rest. Since Addie came early, Debbie was kind enough to host. Sarah looks great, and I think she feels pretty good too! Everyone had a great time and Sarah/Addie received lots of pink!