My Loves

My Loves

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sunny Spring Days

I have two weeks off in between my interim jobs. I have def missed my kiddos and all of my teacher friends, but it has been nice to get to the gym and run errands at my own pace. Today I went in to meet the kiddos for my future second grade interim and to chat with the teacher, I feel that this will be beneficial for the kids, myself, and the current teacher's peace of mind.
One thing I have truly missed while working so much is picking up my sweet niece, Michaela, from school. I took advantage of a day off and picked her up to surprise Coley!
 Miki says, "Okay Aunt JJ...let's go get Coley!"
 She's such a big girl now! Miki was practically running to catch the kids.
Walking to the car with her Coley. This was precious and he was so excited and proud!
 Yummy treat at JJ's house.
 Loaded up the cousins to head to Yeayeah's house. Her first wagon ride.
 They shared Lucky Charms and sweet giggles. This was one heavy wagon...thanks to Coley!
So blessed for a beautiful day.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

thred up

Colton is an only child and for a while was an only grandchild. Dressing him has always been fun. He has a LOT of clothes. For a while, I was consigning most of his outgrown clothes....but I simply do not have the time to do that anymore. It is a lot of work. A couple of months ago I was reading some Stitch Fix blogs and ran across this: thredup
 thred up
Thred up will mail you a polka dot bag, you fill it and drop it at fed ex office. The shipping is paid for!!!! They get the bag, assess the clothes and their value and then offer you a pay out. You can then use the credit towards purchases on the Thred Up site, or wait two weeks and have the $$$ transferred to your paypal. Did I mention, you don't have to pay for shipping?!?!!?

 Fill the bag with Women's, kids, and baby clothes, shoes, and handbags.

I have ordered a total of 4 bags. The first bag was a payout of $84.00, and I was just offered $67 for my second bag. I am about to ship my third bag. Yay. It takes about 3/4 weeks from the time you ship your Thred Up bag before they offer you a payout. I just keep a Thred Up bag in my closet, and when I decide to get rid of something or Coley grows out of something....I toss it in the bag. Easy Peasy.
Check it out here:
Thred Up 

Spring Soccer 2015

It's Soccer Season!
Coley's first game was this weekend. Too bad Mother Nature didn't realize it was spring. It was 38 degrees when the game started. Brrrrr.
 I love the expression on his face in this shot.
 He isn't a fan of defense, but they all have to rotate being a forward, defender, and goalie.
 Playing defender.
 Ready for some action!
 Best buds! Colton and Evan, this is their 5 season to play together! So fun.
Always have to have a silly shot!
Coley scored a goal and had loads of fun!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morning Quiet Time

Do you have a morning routine? No, I don't mean getting the kids ready for school or getting yourself ready for work! I guess I need to rephrase that...Do you have a morning quiet/reflection time? 

This is something I have always admired about my mom. For years, almost as far back as I can remember, my mom has had a quiet time in the morning for reflection, Bible time, prayer, and devotion. Maybe one day, she will comment and share with us some of what she studies and reads during this time. I think this routine keeps her grounded, and it has certainly strengthened her relationship with our Lord.

About a year ago, I came across a daily journal. Each page has a thought, scripture, or quote and has a space to write. The days are dated, so everyday I read and reflect on each thought and date the page with the year. I jot down a brief description of what is happening in my life at that time. It has been nice to go back and see the previous years thoughts. Reflection on the good and bad, joys and sorrows, triumphs and struggles. I have so enjoyed this time. Since I started this last year, I have begun to journal more and read more scripture. Jesus Calling is another of my morning reads, its quick and simple but very useful. Another of my favorite devotionals is "Mommy's Night Out." It was a simple read and I can relate to so much of what she wrote. I need the simplicity!

I am also reading" What a Son Needs from His Mom," just started this so Ill update when I am finished. Lastly, when I was in the Atlanta Airport for 3 hours  6 hours the other day I saw "The Five Love Languages of Children." This is written by the same man who wrote the adult version. Amazon Prime should deliver today!

My morning time over the past year has been amazing, sometimes it may be afternoon time or night time...but I try to get it in everyday.

What is your routine? What do you read?

Here are my quiet time reads:

Mom's Night Out Devotional

New Every Morning Devotional Journal

What a Son Needs From His Mom

The Five Love Languages of Children

Jesus Calling

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stitch Fix #9 Review

Stitch Fix #9
My latest fix arrived the day after I left for the beach. My ever so kind hubby brought it to Daytona! I requested spring pieces and I added necklaces back into my profile. So here goes...
Look at all that yummy colorfulness. 

I took all jewelery off of my profile several fixes ago, but added necklaces back for this fix. I have been wanting some new longer necklaces. I was so excited when I peeked at my order and saw that a necklace was on the way. Stitch Fix didnt fail me on this one.  

Thirty One Bits
Nakita Disc Bead Layering Necklace
 Ive already worn this twice! KEPT this one!
Kensie Jeans
Johnny Skinny Jeans
These were just not screaming for me to keep them. They were slightly too small. The cuy was pretty great. 
 This is the styling card that my stylist sent which suggests how to pair the jeans. Returned
Renee C
Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan

This was OK, I pictured several things I could wear it with. I paired i with shorts here. It was very light weight. I went back and forth on this. 
I wish it had been a little shorter. Returned
 Style card for Cardigan.
Dianna Paisley Print Cut-Out Detailed Tank
I fell in love with this when I pulled it out of the box. The fabric, the cut, the colors...I loved it all.
I tried it on, and it just didnt fit. Way too tight in the bust. Oh, I so wanted to love this. 
My wonderful momma tried it on, and it is precious on her. I love it paired with the white pants. 
I think it will be super cute, with a tank that is lower cut in the back. Kept (for mom)
 Love this style card.
My favorite piece!
Clarise Mixed Print Tank
Loved the texture, fabric, colors, and cut. I wore it for a date night at the beach with my hibs. Paired it with skinny jeans. 

I cant wait to pair this with white jeans!
 With my referral credits Stitch Referral and styling fee credit, I only paid $36 for the 3 pieces I kept.
How awesome is that??!?!?
You should go check it out today. Here is the link Stitch Fix 
I cant wait for my next fix. Hoping for more spring pieces.

Daytona or Bust

In case you didn't know, I err We have been so excited about our trip to Daytona. The beach is our happy place! My mom and dad have a beautiful condo in Daytona Beach Shores. Amazing views, beaches, restaurants, and friends. This post will mostly be a photo dump...but that's all you care about anyway, right?
Tuesday, March 17
 My fav view from mom and dad's balcony. So gorgeous. We flew in late Monday night, real late. Tuesday morning we woke up and went to stock up on groceries. Publix, is right by the condo. They recently did a year long remodel and update. Love that place. After the grocery stop we loaded up and headed over to the beach.
 Mr. Pasty sporting his green trunks for St Patrick's Day!
 He was in heaven!
 Thanks goodness, he had plenty of beachwear. Don't wanna get pinched at the beach!
That night my dad came home from the auction and we went to Hidden Treasures, Ponce Inlet for Tuna Tuesday. We sat in an old boat for dinner. It was yummy, but the noseeums were out!

Day 2
Wednesday, March 18
I woke up and headed down for a beach walk. It was gorgeous out and it felt so good to get out and move! We went to run a few errands before Josh flew in around 1:00. After we scooped him, we loaded up and headed down to the beach.

 That night, little man was super tired and we found him like this:
So mom stayed and in and Josh and I went out to eat by ourselves. We headed down to one of out favorite places, The North Turn.
 Night out in my new Stitch Fix top!
Our fav dish at The North Turn, Blackened Fish Tacos. SO Yummy.
Day 3
Thursday, March 19
No pics from the beach this day, except for the crazy "sea fog" that rolled in. It was creepy and eerie, but we stayed on the beach anyway.
 Dad was working in West Palm so it was just the 4 of us at the beach. Our friends Frank and Gail moved to New Smyrna Beach, close to mom and dad a few months ago. They invited us out to see their gorgeous home and to dinner and a yummy Italian Place.
Mom, Gail, and I in front of her gorgeous outdoor fireplace.
Day 4
Friday, March 20
Beach run.
Dad was back home and we had a super fun beach day.
 Colton, on the iphone. We had to unplug him from it.
 The sea fog rolled in again, but only stayed for an hour or two. We played corn hole, and had a blast.

 I love his scrunched up nose.
 Family beach pic!

I love the beach yall!
That night we went to meet our friends Jeff and Pip at Caribbean Jacks for dinner.
 Look at his precious beach outfit.

 After dinner, we went to the cutest little Yogurt shop. I cant remember the name, but it was so cute.
Day 5
Saturday, March 21
 Coltons favorite part of the beach in Daytona...the Ice Cream truck. He has one at least one treat every single day!
"Is there something on my nose?"
 We went to dinner at the North Turn again. This time we met up with friends Chris, Nicole, Raylynn, and Pip. Colton instantly fell in LOVE with Raylynn, too bad shes 12!
He did lots of dancing that night, had the entire place rockin!

Day 6
Sunday, March 22
Mom and I went on a beach walk, it was very nice and so peaceful. Love my walks with momma.
 This beach lunch was delightful, the sea fog was not.
 Brunos Pizza.
 Mom, Josh, and I had a beach day. Coley and Poppy went on a Poppy/Coley adventure. They played putt putt, ate ice cream, rode go-carts, and went to Target. After their adventure, they joined us on the beach.

 Sea Fog, these 2 pics were taken from the same exact spot.
 We packed up from the beach and headed back to the condo for a shrimp boil. Dad grilled fish and mom and I boiled shrimp, corn, sausage, and potatoes. Our buddy Glen Bob came over and ate with us. This is becoming a tradition with my dad. We had a shrimp boil on our last trip as well.  I think we should do it every trip. The boys go down to grill and play boccie (sp?) and the girls prep the other stuff and sip wine. YUM!

Day 7
Monday, March 23

We watched the forecast all week...we knew it was coming---rain. Boo!
SO, we made the most of it and headed to brunch at one of our fav brunch spots...Crabby Joe's on the pier. It was yummy as usual.

Crabby Joe's is open air, but covered and its on the pier over the ocean.

Mom and I headed out to my fav Homegoods/Marshalls ever. We also hit up the mall and did some other shopping. Unfortunately, vacation was coming to a close.
Packing is my least fav part!
For our last dinner, dad chose Oyster Pub. We had never been before, but mom and dad said it was yummy. The food was great, and the atmosphere was fun. It wasn't on the beach, but in the heart of downtown Daytona. They had loads of tvs to watch wrestling basketball and games for Colton. The boys devoured char grilled oysters and I had the best clam chowder. We will def be going back.
 Dad would kill me, but I know he wont read this! They were supposed to be silly!

We all look super pasty, I promise we did go to the beach. Should have turned the flash off!
Thanks to my mom and dad for hosting us. It was a fabulous trip and I cant wait to go back in June. The plan is to spend a couple of weeks there! We scored $400 each in vouchers to take a later flight out of Atlanta, SCORE!