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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stitch Fix #9 Review

Stitch Fix #9
My latest fix arrived the day after I left for the beach. My ever so kind hubby brought it to Daytona! I requested spring pieces and I added necklaces back into my profile. So here goes...
Look at all that yummy colorfulness. 

I took all jewelery off of my profile several fixes ago, but added necklaces back for this fix. I have been wanting some new longer necklaces. I was so excited when I peeked at my order and saw that a necklace was on the way. Stitch Fix didnt fail me on this one.  

Thirty One Bits
Nakita Disc Bead Layering Necklace
 Ive already worn this twice! KEPT this one!
Kensie Jeans
Johnny Skinny Jeans
These were just not screaming for me to keep them. They were slightly too small. The cuy was pretty great. 
 This is the styling card that my stylist sent which suggests how to pair the jeans. Returned
Renee C
Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan

This was OK, I pictured several things I could wear it with. I paired i with shorts here. It was very light weight. I went back and forth on this. 
I wish it had been a little shorter. Returned
 Style card for Cardigan.
Dianna Paisley Print Cut-Out Detailed Tank
I fell in love with this when I pulled it out of the box. The fabric, the cut, the colors...I loved it all.
I tried it on, and it just didnt fit. Way too tight in the bust. Oh, I so wanted to love this. 
My wonderful momma tried it on, and it is precious on her. I love it paired with the white pants. 
I think it will be super cute, with a tank that is lower cut in the back. Kept (for mom)
 Love this style card.
My favorite piece!
Clarise Mixed Print Tank
Loved the texture, fabric, colors, and cut. I wore it for a date night at the beach with my hibs. Paired it with skinny jeans. 

I cant wait to pair this with white jeans!
 With my referral credits Stitch Referral and styling fee credit, I only paid $36 for the 3 pieces I kept.
How awesome is that??!?!?
You should go check it out today. Here is the link Stitch Fix 
I cant wait for my next fix. Hoping for more spring pieces.

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