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My Loves

Friday, March 6, 2015

Coley's 6th Birthday...better late than never?

Colton turned 6 last November, yes I am a little behind on posting these pics. This post will be mostly pics, I do this so that we will have something to look back on. And lets face it, everyone like pics!
Colton began planning his party back in JULY! He is really into Legos and since we had just been to Lego Land, he wanted a Lego themed birthday party. I can handle that! About 3 weeks before the big day, he decided he wanted a Star Wars Lego birthday party. A little tricky, but manageable. My in-laws, Zha Zha and Granddaddy hosted the party at their house. The kiddos enjoyed a bounce house and a chance to ride Blaze, granddaddy's horse.
I ordered his invitations from this Invite Etsy shop. I loved the way they came out. This one isn't Colton's obviously, but his was so cute with his sweet little pic on it.
 For the cupcakes, I was going to go simple. I ordered lego candy pieces to put on them from amazon. Since he added the Star Wars part, I purchased a digital file from This Widdle Piggy. You just print them off onto the stickers and add them to a toothpick. They were Star Wars Lego figures on one side, and a huge 6 on the other side. This used a LOT of ink, but were so cute and fairly easy.
 Etsy and Pinterest  hooked me up with lots of printables and ideas for the party. The Hans Rolos were so easy, and because his birthday is 6 days after Halloween...I got a great deal. The Ewok Gummies were a hit, Kroger even had Star Wars gummies. The Darth Vadrer heads were filled with candy, again Halloween sales were good to me.
 I wish I had taken more photos, we had Vadrerade (Gatorade with a cute printable), Pizza, fruit, chips, and lots of snacks.
I purchased this digital file from Jodex Photo an etsy shop. I printed them and framed them in cheap white frames. We just placed them around the food tables.

The favors were so easy and so cute. I ordered sweettarts from Amazon, and bought a didital file from Extra Money for Mommy and wrapped them around the Sweettarts to look like a Light Saber. SO cute and so easy.
 Colton and Poppy
 Horse Riding time! Blaze
 Make a wish sweet boy!

 Bounce House Fun!
 Hugs from Addi
Smooches from Addi Girl. They truly love each other.
Friends and Family Photo Dump

 Nolan and Miki thought the party was kinda boring.

I still cant believe he is 6!
Weighs: 60 lbs
Height: tall
Fav toys: Lego, trading cards, Basketball, Pokemon, and Skylanders
School: Kindergarten
Fav Food: Cheeseburgers, cheese, Lucky Charms, chips, and fruit

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