My Loves

My Loves

Monday, October 27, 2008

anxious and over it

i am extremely anxious and restless these days. i know it is that i am so ready to meet my little boy, but i am over it! this pregnancy has been a breeze and i have actually enjoyed being pregnant, but enough is enough. i can't stand to be at home just sitting around. the weather has cooled off drastically which is nice, even if only for a few days!

the roofer was at the house today to patch some places, says we have another year or two before the whole thing needs to be replaced. he will return on wednesday to replace 2 post that hold up the carport.

i go back to the dr on thursday to see if there are any changes. so for now, just a waiting game. a patience thing i guess!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

weekly dr appointment/update

Well, nothing too eventful to report. I am now 2 cm dilated and still 50% effaced. My blood pressure is excellent, and I haven't gained anymore weight. I did test positiver for Group Strep B, which means they will administer antibiotics during labor through and IV. This is actually very common and happens in 35-50% of all pregnancies. We are still scheduled to deliver Thursday, November 6th!! 2 weeks from tomorrow!
We went with dad to Lowes the other night to pick up some more things for the house. There really have been no home improvements for over 15 years, things are starting to come together. It won't be "finished" by Colton's arrival, but it will be pretty darn close! Saturday the electrician is coming to install 5 fans, 9 light fixtures and to check out a short in the bathroom. Josh will attempt to install a new bathroom faucet and the rest of the switch plate covers. Mom and Josh need to hang 3 mirrors and a plaque! Busy, busy--mom needs to come back from her mini vaca ASAP and start punching the clock again. Her birthday is tomorrow, the 23rd. I wonder if Josh will give her the day off?


Ok, so maybe I should have waited to post the pics of the nursery until I had the frame finished...oh well, I was excited. Here is the finished product. The walls are a funny looking color b/c I didn't use a flash. The pics are of Colton's ultrasounds in 9 week progression starting at 18 weeks. I am so happy with the way it turned out!

Monday, October 20, 2008

busy blogger

i have been a busy blogging bee today. had to catch up on my weekend. it went a little something like this...friday night we went to memphis madness, sat morning we woke up and did some work around the house while mom started the glaze in the master bath. it looks great, so much better than the awful wallpaper. sat afternoon i went with meredith to jenny's baby shower, rushed back home to make it to my father inlaw-mike's birthday dinner. to end our busy saturday, we headed to kaci's 30th birthday party. fun fun day! sunday we headed to friends and family day at josh's parents church. my parents met us their and we stayed for a fellowship luncheon. sunday afternoon was byron's party, come 5 oclock--i was exhausted.

home improvements are still going great. mom has a couple of days "off" of work (hehe, thats what josh calls it!) to play golf in pickwick. tonight we are picking out new fans, light fixtures, switch plate covers, and who knows what else. the electrician will hopefully be coming this week to install everything. i can't wait for it all to be finished!

i go back to the dr on wednesday for a check up and to see if i have progressed anymore. my last day of work is the 31st, if i make it that long! mom's birthday is thursday, and we have fall fest at church this weekend!

hope you have a nice week!

happy birthday byron!

sweet byron will be three on wednesday. his "cars" birthday party was saturday at anita and mikes. he was very overwhelmed in the beginning, but figured out that presents are fun! anita cooked a yummy meal, the kids had a great time!

so shy when we were singing happy birthday.

sweet carter spotted elmo and was letting me know about it. he just kept saying"emmo" over and over!

cake face, hehe

more nursery cuteness

so here is the latest we have added to colton's nursery. it is a wall applique that i found. i have seen this before but painted on wood, my friend anne has it and it is so cute. well, i already had the "now i lay me" prayer painted on wood. i was so excited when i found this --at target, my favorite place! the next step is hanging a black frame with 3 horizontally placed pics above it, the pics will be his ultrasounds as he has progressed in size.

this is how it looks from further back. ordered the glider today, can't wait for it to arrive! it was hard to find a black glider that we both liked. the room is almost complete--just in time.

memphis madness

my man, mack--i think he wont the slam dunk contest!
so, this past friday we ventured down tot he forum for memphis madness. I wasn't very excited about going, but my hubby really wanted to go. as much as i dreaded it (mainly b/c I am 37 weeks preggers), i am so glad we went! the city really showed up to support our tigers! my uncle said "yea, because it was free," who cares--free fun is still fun!

it was packed, as much as a regular game would have been. everyone was in blue and white. i can't wait to fit back into my #20 mack jersey, not too much longer. colton has lots of tiger gear too, can't wait!

some of the guys hanging out before the blue/white scrimmage. cdr was announced after the team was introduced. he ran out and up through the student section and released the ncaa final four banner, it gave me chills!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

moving right along...

well, i had my first "weekly" dr visit yesterday. here is how it went, i have lost 2 lbs--for a total gain of 14 lbs. gest diabetes is good and under control. we had an ultrasound, couldn't see much--not a lot of room in there! colton is head down, sunny side up. he weighs approximately 6.7 lbs! i am 1 cm dilated and 50 % effaced. we are scheduled for induction on thursday nov the 6th. just 3 weeks from today!!
we have a busy weekend ahead...memphis madness, jenny's baby shower, kaci's 30th, church with the mays, and byron's 3rd birthday! hope you all have a good one!

everythings gonna be all right!

i have been so worried about how rocko will handle being around colton. not that he would be totally vicious or anything, but he is our "now baby" and we treat him like one! sarah brought addie over for our weekly Wednesday visit and we practiced with some of coltons things and with rocko. he did so well! i mean, check out the pic above. he just laid next to her. it was so sweet. just smelled her a few times, he didn't even care when i was holding her. just sat there next to us. he is kinda interested in a few of his toys, but hey--at least he won't eat my kid!!!
addie update...she has gained 10 ounces in 10 days, she now weighs 6.6 lbs and is eating like a champ!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

nursery update

One of the new corner shelves in Colton's room. The shoes were Josh's first pair of Buster Brown walkers, so sweet!

New bookshelf, with Mrs. Molly's custom made lamp shade and frame--love it!

Another view of bookshelf, love the plaque above it.

so much to do, so little time

We have been working so hard on getting the house ready for Colton's arrival. Well, mom and Josh have been working so hard, I do what I can do! Since August we have painted the nursery, stripped wallpaper in guest bath, scraped the popcorn ceiling in guest bath and refinished ceiling, painted guest bath and added glaze, painted hallway, painted trim in hallway, and now she is stripping paper and painting master bath! Crazy! Everything looks great. All the while there has been tons of laundry (ours and Colton's), organizing, cleaning out, and deep cleaning. We won't have time to paint the white paneling in the den so Josh and I scrubbed it all the other night. We need new carpet, but that will have to wait. Not perfect, but much better! We so appreciate all of Ellie's hard work and overtime, haha. Josh treats her like an employee, kinda funny!

I will post progress pics of Colton's room and the guest bath later. His room is 90% complete, all we need is the glider and 1 last frame on the wall. It is so cute and peaceful, I love to just sit in there and look at his things! Just think--he could be here 3 weeks from tomorrow!

I go to the Dr tomorrow for my first "weekly" check up. Hopefully she will have some news for me regarding a possible induction (we would love to do it on the 5th)! I am also having an ultrasound to check Colton's approximate weight.

Have a great day, enjoy this gorgeous weather. We walked this morning and it was SO nice!

happy tuesday!

Love this pic from the shower, thanks kris!

Love this one too! The girls were so into everything that I opened, cute!

Yummy cupcakes, by Kipp. I was able to have 1, and I scraped most of the icing off. Only 3 more weeks of this restricted sugar craziness!

Addie, 8 weeks. She was so good at the shower. My mom held her the entire time, practicing I guess. She is becoming more and more alert and awake. Still tiny! She goes to be weighed tomorrow!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

brand new week...

This week was a rough one, esp for my sweet hubby. What a great time to be a financial advisor, not! We wake up every morning to some "money/market" channel and hold our breaths as to how the day is going to start--up or down? I know it has to weigh heavy on his mind, constantly thinking of his clients and his business--not to mention a new little bundle of joy to arrive in less than 4 weeks! Seeing him like this makes me do something awful...WORRY!

Our sermon really spoke to me and dug in deep some things that I need to focus on. These are things that I have heard before, but it puts it all in perspective. I am NOT in control of everything. Never will be. Accepting what I can't change, trusting God-even when I don't feel like it, and giving it all up to God is something that I am going to strive to do this week. We have no control over the market, I need to focus on the things I can do and be satisfied with that. "He" is in control!

Pray for us, that we both take today's lesson and put it to use.

~Be joyful because you have hope. Be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times. Romans 12:12
~"Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything; tell God your needs and don't forget to thank him for answers. If you so this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand." Philippians 4:6-7

I hope you all have a great week! I go for my first weekly visit on Wednesday, not much longer and Baby Colton will be here!

shower decor

shower pics

Claytie and Cally were a huge help!

"what is it?"


Some of the wonderful women who made me feel so special! Thanks so much ladies!

Kelly and I ~ fabulous hostess!

Ellie and I!

My wonderful friends and co-workers hosted a baby shower for me/Colton yesterday. Everything was so nice, fun, wonderfully decorated, and just perfect. The food was amazing, and I hear the mimosas were great - of course I couldn't partake! Thanks ladies for such a special day. Josh and I are so blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends and family, can't say that enough! I will be posting more pics separately as blogger will only let me do 3 at a time!

Monday, October 6, 2008

my girls

Mer, Me, and Steph
My great friends from high/middle school hosted a shower for me this past weekend. It is so much fun to get together with these girls! Some I have known since I was 9 or 10! Thanks to Steph and Mer for putting it all together!

Sunny and I

Kaci and I

I am now 35 weeks preggers! Less than a month to go, yay! I go to the Dr tomorrow, fun stuff!

More shopping with Addie

Mom, Sarah, Addie, and I went to Mistletoe Merchants Friday night. It was nice to walk around and browse, picked up a few hostess gifts too!
Check out her cool headband!