My Loves

My Loves

Monday, October 27, 2008

anxious and over it

i am extremely anxious and restless these days. i know it is that i am so ready to meet my little boy, but i am over it! this pregnancy has been a breeze and i have actually enjoyed being pregnant, but enough is enough. i can't stand to be at home just sitting around. the weather has cooled off drastically which is nice, even if only for a few days!

the roofer was at the house today to patch some places, says we have another year or two before the whole thing needs to be replaced. he will return on wednesday to replace 2 post that hold up the carport.

i go back to the dr on thursday to see if there are any changes. so for now, just a waiting game. a patience thing i guess!

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Southern Mama said...

Waiting waitng waitng.... It never ends. I know just how you feel. Pretty soon you'll get to hold that sweet boy in your arms. It will be here so so soon. I can't wait to meet him.