My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frog Legs...

This is what we call frog legs, I love it when Rocko sprawls out in the "frog leg" position. This was after a long walk in the hot Memphis temps.
Looking a little possessed here.
Later in the day he was still so swoopy, he and mommy took a nice cozy nap together.
My Swoopy Boy!

We have enjoyed our morning walks, Rocko has too! It is a good time for Josh and I to talk with no interruptions--no cell phones, TV, etc. I feel much better--better than I have felt in 10 yrs and Josh is losing weight. Now if we could get it to just cool off a little. We usually walk around 8:30 am, and it is already over 80 degrees. The humidity is awful as well. We plan to continue our walks after Colton arrives!

This weekend we are headed to the lake with the Conways. I am ready to just go float and relax. Should be a quiet, sunny weekend up there. It will be hot, but we will be in the water. This may be my last trip up there before I am a mommy--weird thought!

Yoshe is at the Vet today. She has fluid on her lungs and heart, I am waiting on mom to call with more news. Please say a prayer for her and my brother!

The Mike Meier's are arriving on Saturday for a visit. Should be fun, haven't seen them in a while. Josh's birthday is Tuesday, he will be 28.

Sarah update: after coming home on Tuesday--she is back at Baptist indefinitely. Still bleeding--no contractions. She is taking something orally to stop them. Keep praying that Addi keeps growing until 34 weeks!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 28, 2008

4th post--its catch up time!

Ok, so things have been busy as usual. Sarah was put back in the hospital on Friday for bleeding and contractions. Her contractions were 3 min apart, pretty scary considering she is only 30 weeks. The baby ways 3.1lbs and her lungs are are working (they ran a test on them today?!?). They gave Sarah some steroid shots to help with the Addi's lungs. She was also on a Magnesium drip to stop the contractions. They haven't totally stopped so now she is on an oral med that she can take until 34 weeks. Doctor hopes she can make it that far, which also happens to be the week of her brothers wedding. I was there tonight, and she started bleeding a lot so I had to leave so the nurses could do there thing. She is back on the monitor. Please pray that Addi holds on for at least 2 more weeks!

I am still in major cleaning/nesting phase! 2 more rooms to clean out and then we can start to paint. I can help paint the nursery, but mom is on her own in the bathrooms. I am so excited to start on Colton's room, I will have to get rid of a lot of purses! I have picked his bedding, it is 2 shades of brown and a bluish turquoise. Stripes and geometric shapes. I will accent with some monkeys!

I go for my 3D/4D ultrasound on the 14th, we are so excited to see his face!!!

Well, since this is my 4th post today--I'll stop here. Tomorrow, we will walk as usual and I am swimming with friends and kiddies from school!

Mitchie was "swoopy"

"Mitchie," (this is what Colton will call dad) was very swoopy the other night. His belly was full from dinner, and he missed Yoshe's birthday festivities. He was snoring so loud, had to take some pics. Something could literally crawl in his mouth and die, and he wouldn't knwo the difference! Maybe COlton will stick things in there while he is sleeping, I can picture it now!
Check out the tongue action, he was making a whistling sound after every snore. He doesn't read this blog, so I don't have a thing to worry about!

Yoshe's 5th Birthday!

Most of you know, we love our dogs around here! Last Thursday was Yoshe's 5th birthday. Mom bought her a cake from Three Dog Bakery. We have done this for Rocko before. It was a real treat for all three dogs. She had special tiaras to wear for her big day!
Rocko liked the cake too, it was very yummy to his tummy.
JJ thought it was too hard to eat out of the bowl, so he picked it up and ate off the ground. He was the first one finished with his cake!

Can't wait til the next birthday, JJ will be 13 in September and Rocko will be 4 in November...on Colton's due date.

My birthday at the Mays

The Mays hosted a yummy birthday dinner for me last Thursday. We all went out for steaks, chicken, and an amazing salad! Sis brought the birthday cake, chocolate--my favorite. The picture above is "Buddy" the pet squirrels house and porch swing. The Mays acquired Buddy from a friend who could no longer care for him. Buddy used to live inside, but I think he likes his new digs a little better!

This is mom feeding Cheyenne and Blaze apple treats. This was the highlight of Debbie's night. It was a little warm in the barn for Sarah and I, so we didn't hang for too long. Blaze was jealous that night and didn't want Cheyenne to get any of the treats!
Thanks to Margee and Grandma for a wonderful meal! I am in love with the Fried Queso Fresco!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

29th Birthday

Well, it is my last year in the 20's! Next tear I will be a mommy and 30! Monday night I had a birthday dinner with some girls from school, we went to our fav. Mexican restaurant--La Hacienda. I had a great time.

Last night, we had the annual birthday dinner at Villa. It was a nice- quiet dinner, very enjoyable. No, that isn't my Miller Lite in the pic!

I will post more tomorrow about tonight's dinner at the Mays and about Yoshe's birthday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am posting twice today, because I forgot to mention the adventures of Granny from Monday. I received the call Monday morning that granny was headed to Methodist North in an ambulance--dizzy and grandpa couldn't get her in the car. Turns out she has Vertigo. They ran all precautionary tests and released her. Could have been a lot worse.

The above pic is of Paige with what we called the "elephant condom," it was also known as a barf bag. Below pic is us messing with granny when she was out of it. She is prob gonna kill me, oh well she doesn't read the blog anyway!

Steamy days

I love this pic of Rocko, I found him chilling in his usual spot today. He was looking out the window-checking in on all the neighbors, with his favorite toys piled in the bed around him. I just love it! Can't wait for COlton to get here--they will be best buds.

It is SO hot here in Memphis, and if you live here I don't need to tell you that! This morning we went for our walk, and it was miserable. At 9:00, it was already close to 90 degrees. Maybe we need to start walking earlier! Below is a pic of Rocko after we came home, he was so swoopy. Poor thing could hardly keep his eyes open.

After cleaning, Josh and I went to register at Target. We have already registered at Babies-R-US. Josh seems to enjoy picking out and scanning all of the items for Colton. Our tastes are usually a little different, but we have compromised on most everything.

Today was the start of my clean out and clean up phase. I ran laundry all day and defeated my kitchen. We have accumulated so much stuff, it is nice to let it go. I love the way clean smells! The next room to tackle is the den/dining room/wet bar. It will prob take a full day! Oh well, it feels so good to get it done. We will need to call the Disabled Vets to make a pick up next week.

Tomorrow is my birthday, the big 29! I plan on laying at Meredith's pool and relaxing with her.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swoopy time

Josh and I are dog/house sitting for mom and dad while they are at the British Open. We also have my brothers dog Yoshe while he and Kim are at the lake. When I woke up today, this is how JJ and Yoshe were sleeping. Yoshe is never on this particular couch, she must have been very swoopy. "Swoopy" is a term that mom and I use when any of the dogs are exhausted, don't know how it started or where it came from. We still giggle every time we say it.

Mom and dad come home tonight around 6, I received a text from her when they landed in Amsterdam. She wasn't feeling well and had been throwing up. I think it is from lack of sleep. She said she hadn't slept at all in Manchester. They had a 8 hour lay over in Amsterdam so dad was looking for a lounge. Hope she was able to rest for a few hours. I am meeting them at the airport with a suitcase for dad, he is getting right back on a plane for Orlando.

We are about to head out for our daily walk, its prob 100 degrees today.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

practice, practice, practice - and praises too!

"Snug as a Bug in a Rug!" My mom used to say that to me at night when she tucked me into bed! I hope she says it to Colton, I know I will. This week I was called in to sub at Camp Hop. I took the summer off of work, but told them I would love to sub for extra money. Well, my duties this week were in the baby room. I need the practice. There are 9 "babies" in this room that range in age from 12 months to about 22 months. This is quite a change of pace for me, I am used to 16 self sufficient 4 year olds! Not these kids- most came in ready to play and explore the room. Someone is constantly changing diapers, wiping noses, washing pacifiers (because they love to "share them" and "share" their germs, or strolling those who cant be consoled. Then comes lunchtime-- wow 9 kids to feed with only 4 high chairs. Some are self feeders and others need assistance. We rotate them into the chairs, fill their bellies, and then we start to settle down for naps. Some go right into the crib and right to sleep. Some want to be in their crib while it is rocked back and forth. Some are strolled to sleep in a stroller, and some just DO NOT go to sleep at all! In the pic above, 5 were "snug as a bug in a rug," 1 was already awake from the nap, 2 were being strolled, and the last one was still eating. The two days I spent in the baby room were fun, but exhausting. Makes me appreciate the folks who will one day look after Colton while his mommy is down in the Zoo--with the big kids! I am so excited for him to be here! 112 days til his due date!
This is me and my Sweet Sarah, who is pregnant with Margaret Addison. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for their family. The later part of this week brought several praises for them: she passed her second blood glucose test --no gestational diabetes (even better no diet!) her placenta has moved up (no more low lying placenta) the baby is no longer breech, and she has stopped bleeding! She is still on bedrest until the 29th of July. Please pray now that she can start her new school on the 30th and get in some time before maternity leave. She is so relieved to have all of this good news!

I went to the Dr on Wednesday, I haven't been in 5 weeks. The scale was pretty good to me, gained 6--for a total of 9 in 24 weeks. I still feel great, we are walking just about everyday. Josh has lost about 9 pounds, we aren't sure how much Rocko has lost--but it is good for us all! Coltons heartbeat was 155, which is strong and good! I go back in 3 weeks for my blood glucose and the 3D/4D ultrasound. Can't wait!

Mom and dad are in England for the British Open. They come home tomorrow. I am meeting them at the airport with a suitcase so dad can get back on a flight to Orlando. We are going to the pool today, it is HOT here!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Swallowed a Watermelon

Woke up this morning to discover that I have swallowed a watermelon!! Oh my gosh-my stomach grew over night. We have been laughing about it all day! Colton seems to be up pretty high, but what do I know? ...its my first time around this block.

Please pray for my buddy Sarah, she was released from bed rest last week. Since then she has found out that she failed her initial blood glucose and that the baby is breech. Today, she started heavily bleeding and having contractions. Sarah is 28 weeks. Please pray that she and Addi stay safe and comfortable and that Addi keeps on cooking in the oven! She is at Baptist and should know more tomorrow. Oh yea, pray for Jim -- I am sure he is pretty flustered and helpless at this point!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back in Memphis

We are back! Arrived at 7 am, and we are very exhausted! Mom, dad, Josh, and I arrived in Orlando last Sunday around 10 pm--headed straight to bed. Monday morning Josh went with dad to the auction and mom and I worked out and headed to the pool. The guys played 18 holes after the auction ( after dodging the afternoon thunder showers ). We went out for a nice diner Monday night--Vito's Chop House. This is one of dads regular places to go--they all know his name! Thanks for a great dinner mom and dad!

Tuesday was the beginning of Josh's conference, it didn't start until 2, so he and I grabbed a few chairs by the pool. Mom was sick that day and never left the room. We figure it was just a 24 hour stomach thing. I worked out and picked up Josh around 530. We went to the outlets that night. Dad works 2 auctions on Tuesdays, so mom was able to relax by herself. I think she slept all day! Josh and I found a few things for Colton at the outlets. From there, we headed to the largest TGIFridays in the world. So many TV's and games--it was huge!

Josh had to be at the conference Wednesday at 830. Mom was feeling much better so we worked out and headed to the pool. We did a lot of observing that day. We felt as tho we were a minority during this trip--but in a fun and interesting way. Orlando --esp our hotel was such the melting pot of cultures, languages, wardrobes, swimsuits (haha) and other daily differences. Mom and I laid there all day trying to figure out where people were from and who belonged to who. It was refreshing to see that so many people come to our country as an escape and for a good time. We were totally immersed with folks from England, Ireland, South Africa, and I am sure many other places. The boys golfed late that day and mom and I headed back to the outlets. Wednesday night we all headed to City Walk with one of dads car friends - Bob Karr. It is right outside of Universal and Islands of adventure. Lots of restaurants, shops, and a live band. We ate at Jimmy Buffets Margarita ville and watched the beautiful fireworks. This was a very long and tiresome day.

Thursday was my favorite day, the four of us headed off to Sea worlds- Aquatica. We had to be there at 8 am, it is a new park and fills very quickly. The manager form the Crowne Plaza met us and comped out tickets into the park--thanks Scott! We found chairs and an umbrella in the sand right in front of the 2 wave pools. The first thing we did was float in 2 person tubes on the lazy river, it was so relaxing--until you were suddenly stuck under a waterfall- laughing so hard you almost wet your pants. From there we found another river of sorts- you float in it without tubes. you have the option of a life jacket or not. I opted for not and the others used one. The current were so swift and so fun!! Again, this brought on immense laughter and some water up the nose! Josh and mom rode the slides, wish I could have but, my doctor would have frowned! They had a blast and I had a blast watching them! The rest of the day we chilled in our chairs, the wave pool, and in the 2 rivers. It was absolutely amazing! We left the park in time for the boys to get back and get showered. Dad had a night auction and Josh had a seminar at the conference. Late that night everyone went back to Vito's I stayed in and packed/showered--we decide to switch flights. We flew home at 6:15 this morning. I am exhausted--but in a good refreshing kind of way.

Love to you all, have a nice weekend!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mike and Margee!

happy 32nd Anniversary Mike and Margee! We enjoyed a nice dinner at the Olive Garden with the Mays, Grandma/JR, and Sis. Josh and I took an ice cream cake to help them celebrate. Here's to 32 more wonderful years!

We are off to Orlando in about an hour. We are ready for rest and relaxation. Hope you all have a nice week!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Birthdays, cookouts, and more

I went out to Collierville and Tuesday to spend some time with Sarah--who is on bed rest until alt least the 10th. She was extremely bored and stir crazy so I busted her out for a quick trip to Target. She refused to ride in the wheel chair, so the shopping was short but sweet!

Josh and I have been walking with Rocko most mornings. Every little bit of exercise helps for all of us! It is hot, but we stay hydrated and only go for 40 minutes or so. I have really enjoyed it.

Thursday, Josh and I joined the Huffmans (Jim and Sarah) for a lazy day at the pool. We were in the pool all day, so the heat wasn't too bad! That night Josh and I took an Ice Cream cake over to Granny's for her 72nd birthday. The visit was short but nice--they had to hurry and get to the Bartlett fireworks show. I think she looks great for 72, hope I look that good at her age!

We spent the 4th at Don and Debbie's. It was cloudy all day, but everyone had fun visiting and hanging out. There were several of our friends and family there. Most of the folks left around 6 or so, but we stayed for fireworks. The boys are like little kids when you break out the fireworks!

Today, we are packing for our trip to Orlando. We leave tomorrow and come back next Friday. I am so excited to relax with Josh and my folks. We are also going to try out the new Disney water park/wave pool/beach called Aquatica. Josh is going to auction with dad one day and I am sure we will squeeze in some shopping and pool time.

I am 22 weeks today, trucking along slowly but surely. I go to the dr for a routine check up on the 16th, hope I havent gained too much weight! My glucose test is in 6 weeks, we will also have a 4-D ultrsound that day. Can't wait to see Colton!

Love to you all, pray for save travels as we head off to Orlando!