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My Loves

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frog Legs...

This is what we call frog legs, I love it when Rocko sprawls out in the "frog leg" position. This was after a long walk in the hot Memphis temps.
Looking a little possessed here.
Later in the day he was still so swoopy, he and mommy took a nice cozy nap together.
My Swoopy Boy!

We have enjoyed our morning walks, Rocko has too! It is a good time for Josh and I to talk with no interruptions--no cell phones, TV, etc. I feel much better--better than I have felt in 10 yrs and Josh is losing weight. Now if we could get it to just cool off a little. We usually walk around 8:30 am, and it is already over 80 degrees. The humidity is awful as well. We plan to continue our walks after Colton arrives!

This weekend we are headed to the lake with the Conways. I am ready to just go float and relax. Should be a quiet, sunny weekend up there. It will be hot, but we will be in the water. This may be my last trip up there before I am a mommy--weird thought!

Yoshe is at the Vet today. She has fluid on her lungs and heart, I am waiting on mom to call with more news. Please say a prayer for her and my brother!

The Mike Meier's are arriving on Saturday for a visit. Should be fun, haven't seen them in a while. Josh's birthday is Tuesday, he will be 28.

Sarah update: after coming home on Tuesday--she is back at Baptist indefinitely. Still bleeding--no contractions. She is taking something orally to stop them. Keep praying that Addi keeps growing until 34 weeks!

Have a great weekend!

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Southern Mama said...

What in the world is Rocko going to do when the baby arrives!?