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My Loves

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family Visits

The Mike Meier's have been here, visiting from Virginia. It has been so nice having the "whole" Meier clan around. Josh and I arrived home from the lake on Sunday night and headed straight to Granny's for pizza night. Everyone was there, except for Josh and Kim--who are soaking up the sun in Jamaica! Monday, some of the ladies shopped and the guys golfed. We met at Newks for a light dinner. Tuesday was Josh's birthday, so we went for a nice dinner at J Alexander with The Mays and Smiths. Wednesday, the crew had one last dinner together at Olive Garden. We went back to the Ware's to celebrate the birthdays of: Granny, Mike, Me, Alyssa, Josh, Grandpa, and Paige (august and july birthdays). As you can see, we did a lot of eating! Mike, Tracey, Anthony, and Jake have hit the road and are headed back home. Maybe Tracey will find her way back after Colton's arrival!

Sarah is still in the hospital and is expected to stay until Addi arrives. They want her to hold out until 34-36 weeks. She is at 31 right now. I know it is frustrating for her to be there, but it is the best place for her. Keep praying for Addi to continue growing, and for Sarah's nerves to stay calm.

I am sad to see summer coming to an end, but I am starting to get really bored! I long for school to start and to get back to a routine. This also means we are getting closer to meeting our sweet Colton. Less than 100 days to his due date! I need to get working on that nursery!

Today I am babysitting for the Baltz's. We have been watching it rain all day! The girls are disappointed because they wanted to swim!

Tomorrow night is our first couples shower. It is hosted by family and lake friends! I am so excited.


_will post pics from the weekend later!

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