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My Loves

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Introducing...Colton Michael Mays

Swoopy baby!
Josh's lips and frown! I think he has his chin too!
"I'm trying to sleep, leave me alone!"
This was Colton's best shot today!
So, this morning was my Glucose test, for those of you are not sure what this is--its a test for gestational diabetes. I had to drink a glucose solution an hour before my test, and then they take blood. Well, I failed. This means I will retest next Thursday after a fast. If I fail again, I will be on the diabetes diet for the rest of my pregnancy! Fun!
We also found out that Colton is breech, he has plenty of time to turn himself around! He measured at 2.14 lbs and I was told that he is a big boy. I am 27 weeks and 4 days and he measures at 29 weeks! He is in the 74th percentile--he is rather large!
My blood pressure was great and I have gained 3 more pounds. She is happy with my weight gain--12 pounds total. All in all it was a good day, until.............
I had not eaten in 15 hours and I was starving! We headed over for breakfast at Perkins. So very excited about the omelet and pancakes, I dove in. After indulging for a bit-- put my fork down, looked over to my mom and said "I am done." From this point on you may not want to read...I proceeded to regurgitate all of my breakfast and the lovely glucose solution right there on my breakfast plate. I am surprised mom and Josh were not wearing it. Guess the glucose did not agree with my empty stomach! How embarrassing, right there in the middle of Perkins. The poor waitress! I did feel much better after expelling of the nasty stuff.
I hope there is no more glucose in my future!
Went to visit sweet Sarah in the hospital today. She is now 32 weeks and the baby weighs 4.6 lbs, which is great. They still want her to hold out to 36 weeks, but her bleeding has increased. We are hosting a shower for her at the hospital in 2 weeks...if she makes it that long!

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jennifer said...

Oh, Jamie! I feel so bad for you! That happened to me after my second glucose test with Avery. I yacked all over my car. Bless your heart.

After failing my first one and yacking up my second one, I got smart and ate a full breakfast at midnight before the final test. It helped a lot... I didn't get sick. Just a thought.

These are the times that will give you the Mother Leverage you'll need for future guilt-trips! LOL!

Praying for you!