My Loves

My Loves

Friday, May 29, 2009

coley's first lake trip

I know, I have been absent in the world of blogging. I'll try to do better! The above pic is colton all strapped in and ready to head out on the lake!
ellie bought him this $4.00 pool. Best buy EVA! He had quite the set up on the boat!


safety first! he had to wear the life vest while the boat was moving!

happy nekie boy

bottle time
(yes, i am aware that my husbands new "do" has him looking like a cancer patient)

all tuckered out. he slept for like 2 hours!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

i love school!

this is coley and his buddy nash at school! nash is 1 week older than colton. so sweet!

this is how coley and nash were hangin when i came in there room today. nash had his feet in colton's lap and they were "chatting" back and forth. love it! they will be in class together next year too!

colton was blessed with his first tooth this week, no pics because it is SO hard to see it! it is on the bottom right, i think the one next too it is only a few days away!! pics to come soon!

hangin with friends at the zoo

claytie, cally, and claire

owen and coley, watching the big girls on the carousel. they were so good! fun day at the zoo!

nekie nekie

hehe, coley loves to be nekie!