My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

 This guy woke up one day last week, and decided he was ready for Daddy to pull the tooth that has just been hanging for a while.
 There may or may not have been a little bribery involved!
 He was so brave, and I was so shocked.

 And just like that!

I love you my snaggle toothed little boy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stitch #8

Stitch #8
(February 2015)
I have been catching up on my most recent "fixes." I am going to do my best to document the pieces a little better than in the months past. I love the concept of Stitch FIx, and I hope that you will check it out. Most of the fixes I receive have included pieces that I would NEVER have looked at in a store, but wind up really liking.
 As usual, I was stalking the front porch for this little beauty to arrive. My Stitch's sometimes arrive Fed Ex from California and sometimes arrive via USPS from Indianapolis. This time, it was from Indy and these always ship faster!
 Always wrapped up so pretty and neat.
 I was excited to pull these colors and fabrics out of the box! Yummy!
 Market and Spruce Colibri Polka Dot Print Blouse
This blouse was navy and white polka dots. The fabric is super soft and I had lots of hope for this top. I have requested in my last two fixes for a long chambray top/tunic to wear with leggings. Unfortunately, there hasn't been one in my stylist - Laura- sent this instead. I liked it out of the box, but when I tried it wasn't for me. I prob would have kept it, had it been black and white.
Fun2Fun Holston Crochet Trim Solid Blouse
I was SUPER excited when I pulled this top out of the box, so much that it was the first item I tried on.... Well, it didn't fit. Like Chris Farley "Fat Man in a Little Jacket" didn't fit. I SO wanted it to. The color is so rich, kinda had a orangish hue to it. The sleeves had the cutest detail (see below). Bummed, but it had to go back. 

41 Hawthorne Shara Herringbone Vest
In the past few fixes, I have also requested a Herringbone Vest. I am a vest junkie...almost as much as I am a purse junkie. I peeked once again at this Fix once it shipped and I was SO excited to see the Herringbone Vest included. Out of the box, I was still excited. This one is grey and white, I tried to take a close up shot. I had hoped for a black and white. I tried it on several times, with several tops. It is very heavy and quilted. I am looking forward to SPRING, and I feel that I just wouldn't get much from it. I totally would have kept it, if it had been black and white. At $78 I just couldn't do it...esp since I was just so so about it. 

Loveappella Edgewater Knit Top
SO SO SO Soft! Loved it the minute I pulled it out. This top is kind of thin, but the fabric is so comfy. I have already worn it with jeans and a cute navy vest. It is charcoal grey and white. I love the cute pocket. Did I mention how soft this top is?!?!?!
Definitely a keeper!
And Best of all...MADE IN THE USA!
So, I kept one piece out of five. I have already scheduled my next fix and I requested Spring/transition pieces. I also changed up my profile a bit. Hopefully, I will find some time to update my Pinterest board.
You should check out Stitch Fix today and fill out your own profile. Check it all out here: Stitch Fix

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stitch #7

Stitch #7
(Jan/Feb 2015)
 Pixley Malynn Asymmetrical Soft Moto Vest in Black. I was kinda sad when I pulled this out of the box because the previous asymmetrical pieces didn't work for me. I tried it on anyway and fell in love. I like to wear it zipped as well as unzipped. I have only worn it with skinny jeans, so super cute.
This was the only keeper from Stitch #7, I didn't even bother taking pics of the rest. I rescheduled my next fix for 3 weeks out. I still have referral credits and Gift Certificates. I sure hope I start to see some spring on my next fixes.
Check out Stitch Fix here. You wont regret it!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Stitch Fix #6

Stitch Fix #6
January 2015
For Christmas I received some Stitch Fix Gift Cards, yay! That combined with referral credits makes me even more excited to receive a fix. Again, I peeked at my order once I got word that it had shipped. Sometimes my Fixes ship from Indianapolis, but sometimes from California. I haven't figured out if I like one or the other better. I do know that the shipping process is faster from Indy.
 Kut from the Kloth Danny 5-pocket Knit Pant, these fit pretty good but are very similar to another pair of black pants that I already have. Not a Keeper
Daniel Rainn Anders Heart Print Split Neck Blouse. I love the color of this top and the print has grown on me. I kept this top, but now I regret it. It is WAY too big in the arms and fits like a tent. Extremely too blousy (is that a word?).
 Market and Spruce Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top, maroon and white. This top was very comfy and was super cute with jeans. I went back and forth over keeping this. I do not have anything in this color, but I decided not to keep it. I feel like the horizontal weave/print made my bust look huge, and I don't need any help in that area. Boo.
 Look by M Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf, I requested this scarf and was so excited when it came. It is so soft and very warm. Perfect for cold carpool mornings. My sister in law gave me almost an identical scarf for Christmas, but it is a blanket scarf. I kept this one as well because I can do so much with both.
Finally , Market and Spruce Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater in black and grey. Loved it straight out of the box and loved it even more when I tried it on. I wear so much black, and I can wear this to work, running errands, date night, etc. My fav way to wear it is with skinny jeans and grey booties. KEEPER! 
These are the three pieces I kept from this fix.
Set up your profile today!

Stitch Fix #5

Stitch #5 (December)

Well, after a few months of receiving Stitch Fix I cheated and started "peeking" at my orders once they are shipped. You can see a basic description, no colors or pics...but you can get an idea of whats to come. Mom laughs and says I am cheating because it takes the surprise and excitement out of it. Oh well, I peek and then wait.

First of all, I failed at documenting any of this box. Maybe it was because I wasn't thrilled about much in the box. I did at least try everything on.

 41 Hawthorne Queensland Dolman Jersey Top. The color was ok, kind of a jewel toned green top. Nothing special about it, and I have loads of Dolman style tops. The fit was ok, fabric was soft. Just didn't do much for me. Not a Keeper.

Market and Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan. Smokey grey in color, it was ok. I thought I liked it, but the more I tried it on and tried to make it just didn't. It was VERY heavy and the zipper hard to operate. It could have been worn to work or with jeans, but it just didn't work for me. Not a Keeper.

Edyson Maritza Distressed Skinny Jean. The cut was ok, but they weren't "skinny" enough below the calf. The jean leg looked dis-proportioned to the rest of the jean. Not a keeper.

Urban Expressions Mylo Zip Detail Vegan Leather Satchel. VERY disappointed with this. Same brand, similar style. I had asked in the previous 3 fixes for a grey "hobo" style bag. After this fix, I took all bags off of my profile. I may put them back on when it is closer to spring. I think I want a small crossbody for evenings out.

 Market and Spruce Cordelia Striped Boat Neck Sweater. This is so comfy and is great with jeans. I am usually not a fan of white, but I loved it when I put it on. I am hot natured, but this sweater is perfect.
Black and White, this may even work in the late spring and early summer with black shorts. I kept it.
Referrals have been a huge reason that I have been able to order a monthly fix. Everyone gets a unique referral link to share with friends. For each friend who signs up and orders a shipment, you will get $25 in Stitch Fix credit! The credit will be deposited in your account as soon as your friend’s package has shipped. I make sure to share my link Stitch Fix so that people can check this out for themselves!


How can it be?

How can it be?
This precious, sassy, funny, determined, and sweet little priness will be ONE tomorrow.
 I never knew I could love another child so much. My niece, Michaela Layne has blessed our lives in so many ways over the past year.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

We love you more than you will ever know!
JJ, Mays and Coley

Stitch 3 and 4

I am still backtracking on my previous Stitch Fixes. This post will include items and recap from Fixes 3 and 4. For these fixes, I was more specific with my stylist and I linked my profile to my pinterest page.

Don't forget to give very specific feedback on each of the items you receive. Stylists are able to send you better selections when we know what did and didn’t work for you, and why. Stitch Fix has a blog,  Our blog  that offers a number of tips on the best ways to communicate with your personal stylist.If you choose to receive regularly scheduled shipments, they will automatically schedule the delivery date for your next shipment. You can always choose an alternative date that better suits your needs or opt out of regularly scheduled shipments entirely.      

My stitch's are scheduled to arrive every 4 weeks.

Here is a recap of Fix #3 (October 2014)
 First up, Brixon Ivy Penelope Zipper Detail Open Cardigan. Smokey grey in color, I loved it out of the box and I had been requesting an asymmetrical zip vest or jacket. When I put it on, I didn't love it. It fit very weird on my and was bulky. Did not keep.

Next, Kut from the Kloth Paige Skinny Jean. Navy in color, I was not a fan. I really wanted to like them, because I LOVED my Kut jeans from Fix #1. But they were pretty YUCK. Did not keep.

 I wasn't so sure about this vest when I pulled it out of the box, but I AM IN LOVE. I have a major love for vests in general, but I am so glad I kept this Market and Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Vest. I would have NEVER picked this out in a store, that is what I love about Stitch Fix. I wear this all the time.
 Again, this is not something I would have ever picked up at a store. My mom encouraged me to try it on, and I fell in love. It has a split back, that accents the scallops seen here on the bottom. SO cute with skinny jeans and booties. This Papermoon, Amadi Scallop Hem Blouse has been great to wear to work as well as out for Girls night. Its a KEEPER!

Last piece in this fix was the Emperia Clarita Messenger Bag. I am a bag junkie and love the color of this one. I kept it!

I kept 3 of 5 pieces in Stitch #3.

Okay, on to Stitch #4 (November 2014)

This Fix was a bust, but Ill recap as much as I can.

 I was really disappointed when I pulled this bag out of the box. I had requested a grey "hobo" style bag for the previous 2 shipments. This Urban Expressions Kristine Woven Tassel Satchel was WAY to similar to the black bag I received in Fix #2. Plus, it was metallic silver, NOT grey. Not a Keeper.
 The pic is terrible, but the fit was even worse. Bleh, THML Colinda Sheer V-Neck Sweater. was awful. Cant even describe it. Not a keeper.

 The Creative Commune Tatiana Keyhole & Lace Detail Blouse was just OK, it was too big and hung like a tent. You cant tell in the pic, but the color is like a deep teal. Not a keeper.

 I really wanted to like the Pixley Dalila Faux Leather Lapel French Terry Vest, but again I just couldn't get with the asymmetrical look. The Faux leather lapels were ridiculously bulky as well, this was really cute out of the box. Just not for me..Not a Keeper.
Last, Level 99 Glenda Distressed Straight Leg Jean. I was in love when I pulled these out, but the fit was ALL wrong. Too long, and the straight leg was awkward. Boo, not a keeper. I sent everything back from Fix #4, and that's OK!

Check out Stitch Fix for your self today:
Stitch Fix