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Friday, February 20, 2015

Stitch Fix #5

Stitch #5 (December)

Well, after a few months of receiving Stitch Fix I cheated and started "peeking" at my orders once they are shipped. You can see a basic description, no colors or pics...but you can get an idea of whats to come. Mom laughs and says I am cheating because it takes the surprise and excitement out of it. Oh well, I peek and then wait.

First of all, I failed at documenting any of this box. Maybe it was because I wasn't thrilled about much in the box. I did at least try everything on.

 41 Hawthorne Queensland Dolman Jersey Top. The color was ok, kind of a jewel toned green top. Nothing special about it, and I have loads of Dolman style tops. The fit was ok, fabric was soft. Just didn't do much for me. Not a Keeper.

Market and Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan. Smokey grey in color, it was ok. I thought I liked it, but the more I tried it on and tried to make it just didn't. It was VERY heavy and the zipper hard to operate. It could have been worn to work or with jeans, but it just didn't work for me. Not a Keeper.

Edyson Maritza Distressed Skinny Jean. The cut was ok, but they weren't "skinny" enough below the calf. The jean leg looked dis-proportioned to the rest of the jean. Not a keeper.

Urban Expressions Mylo Zip Detail Vegan Leather Satchel. VERY disappointed with this. Same brand, similar style. I had asked in the previous 3 fixes for a grey "hobo" style bag. After this fix, I took all bags off of my profile. I may put them back on when it is closer to spring. I think I want a small crossbody for evenings out.

 Market and Spruce Cordelia Striped Boat Neck Sweater. This is so comfy and is great with jeans. I am usually not a fan of white, but I loved it when I put it on. I am hot natured, but this sweater is perfect.
Black and White, this may even work in the late spring and early summer with black shorts. I kept it.
Referrals have been a huge reason that I have been able to order a monthly fix. Everyone gets a unique referral link to share with friends. For each friend who signs up and orders a shipment, you will get $25 in Stitch Fix credit! The credit will be deposited in your account as soon as your friend’s package has shipped. I make sure to share my link Stitch Fix so that people can check this out for themselves!


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