My Loves

My Loves

Saturday, November 29, 2008

go state, or not!

well, just because we love our uncle joshie and aunt elana so much--we wore this shameful outfit yesterday! we even watched most of the slaughtering--i mean game... theres always next year!
colton was really into the game!

so alert!

our babysitter

rocko, our official babysitter, making sure colton is ok!
we pay him with dog biscuits!
they were napping together!

like father, like son

this is one of josh's outfits from when he was a baby. it barely snapped around his fat neck. josh wore it for a portrait at 3 weeks, he was skinnier than colton! maybe one day, i will figure out how to post the pic of josh wearing the outfit.


this precious boy is one of the many things josh and i are thankful for this year!
colton michael, 3 weeks

poor colton was so over taking pictures...

too much turkey!

we have had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. the festivities began wednesday night at josh's grandparents. thursday morning was brunch at his folks-yum! thursday evening was dinner and apps at our house. we broke out the wii and had some family fun!

Monday, November 24, 2008

last post of the day...i promise

can't figure out how to rotate this pic...
mom bought this outfit right after we found we were having a boy. can't wait to show my dad! in this pic you can see his hemangioma that i blogged about last week, the really white spot on his left arm.

we don't let him sleep like this, but i had to put some make up on for church. i stole away 15 minutes and got it done! look how out of it he is.

learning to share

rocko sure is glad he doesn't have to share his bed, or his blow fish, with colton!

but he does like to lounge on colton's things when not in use...

totally passed out on the boppy, happy as can be!

go tigers!

love my daddy!
go tigers!

colton really enjoyed watching the game!

i'm over the pictures!

sweet baby boy!

i'm going through changes...

talking back to mommy!
minus the formula and blood spot on the shirt, cute pic. he was in a good mood, so we had to grab the camera and take advantage!

colton michael, 2 weeks/3days old

went for our two week check up last thursday. all is well, we go back in january for his 2 month. colton weighs in a 9.5 lbs and is still 21 inches long. he is up to 4 oz formula per feeding every 3-4 hours. sleeping well--we all are! his fingernails seem to be our main prob right now. he has really scratched his face/ears up. we try to keep his hands covered, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. guess, i will get the file out again tonight!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


ok, i haven't blogged in a while so I played catch up today. posted lots of pics, more to come later in the week. everything has been great, we are all sleeping pretty well. once colton goes down for the night he sleeps 4/5 hours, wakes up to be changed and eat--goes back to sleep for another 3 hours. not too bad!

we had to go to the dr last tuesday because of a spot we found on his arm. it is located on his left forearm and kinda resembles a mosquito bite. very white in color with a greenish/blue tint. it turns out to be a hemangioma (sp?), a cluster of blood vessels. it may get a little larger, will turn red and stat to break up and disappear after about 9 months. no big deal! he weighed in that day at a whopping 9.01 lbs.

we go for our 2 week check up tomorrow. colton is taking 4 oz of formula every 3-4 hours. so, i would say that the feeding is going pretty well!

more later...

dinner at colton's

the mays took us to colton's steakhouse for coltons first night out to eat. grandma smith joined us.

mimi, colton, and grandma smith

daddy, colton, and granddaddy

even more photos

out to dinner with the mays!

first tiger basketball game, he was even awake for some of it!

check out my tiger gear!

more photos

i was stir crazy so i took colton to the preschool and we stopped by dinner on demand to visit his favorite "kitchen aunties"
my grandfather flew threw memphis last friday and sunday. we took colton to visit him during the lay over. so great to see grandpa steele.

snoozin on ellie, favorite position to be in!

it was rocko's 4th birthday the day we came home from the hospital. ellie bought him some frosty paws ice cream to celebrate.

it has been so long...

colton, all strapped in and ready to head home. he seemed to like his car seat, slept the whole way home.

family pic before leaving the hospital.

my favorite pic to date. he was so alert and content--which he usually is unless he is wet, hungry, or overly tired.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

introducing Colton Michael Mays...

Colton and his Daddy cuddling!

My sweet boy!

First Mays Family pic!

He is a big boy!
Well, we checked in to Methodist Germantown Thursday, November 6th at 5 am!! I was a nervous wreck and hadn't slept since Tuesday night. I went into this with 4 goals/obstacles to conquer for the day. You see, I have never broken a bone or had a single stitch--let alone be admitted to a hospital.
I get undressed, Josh had to hang in the waiting room while they did preliminary check in. Here comes he lovely IV lady, her name was Jamie...maybe it was a sign! Well, she was able to find two veins--they both blew. uh oh, well in walks this angel named Lauren. She sat down and hooked me right up! Obstacle one--conquered!
At that point mom and Josh joined me in the massive room and we waited as they started the pitocin, fluids, and penicillin. At 8:30, Mestemacher came to break my waters...obstacle #2 CONQUERED.
Contractions quickly started and I tolerated them for 2 hours, which was when we called for # 3 --THE EPIDURAL. I was so scared, but the anesthetist was AMAZING! He walked me through it step by step and I actually enjoyed the process! It worked almost instantly and I had pain relief for about 2 hours. I began to feel the left side of my body, so they had to redo the epidural--no big deal, didn't feel a thing! At this point I was 4 cm.
Well, 2 hours later and 10 cm I could feel the left side of my body--again! It was time to push and I was in slight pain in my left back and leg. They turned off the epidural so that I could push. We started obstacle #4 --pushing at 5:30. I was so exhausted and all feeling was coming back. Mom, Josh , and the nurse were so amazing. By 6:42 pm, Colton Michael was on my chest. I did it!! We did it!!

8lbs, 11 ounces, and 21 inches!
Colton Michael Mays
Lots of dark hair.
We go home today! I feel great, Cant wait for you all to meet him.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween traditions

sweet little addie with mom in her punkin costume, it was ginormous, but still cute as can be.
she can't wait for her buddy colton to get here--lass than a week!

addie and her mommy, looking all festive!
for the past 7 years, josh and i have come to mom and dads to hand out candy and eat pizza on halloween. sometimes its just us, sometimes we have others join us. last night, dad was actually in town to participate, josh and kim came over, and of course sarah and addie joined us. it was a fun night. hope you all had a nice halloween.
i sure am ready for my little turkey to arrive!

last day at preschool

Yesterday was my last day of work until january 6th! it was a sad but fun day, kinda bittersweet. it was halloween so we carved a pumpkin as a class and strung candy necklaces. at the end of the day i was called down the hall to the "principals office," meanwhile my kids were shuffled into a room across the hall. they had a surprise shower for me/colton. it was so sweet and so fun! i will miss my kids, their parents, and beth (my co teacher) so much!

this was one of the precious gifts from the class, it will be so sweet in colton's nursery!

sneaky beth was able to make 2 of these frames for me with all 17 of the children's hand prints. i was actually at school and in the building while they were made and had NO CLUE! can't wait to hang them. yesterday was such a special day!

he's just hanging out!

well, i had my weekly dr appointment on thursday. not really any changes to report. he is fine- i am fine, and i am scheduled to be induced thursday, november 6th at 5 am! bags are packed, everything is washed, just waiting on the big day! wish us luck and please say some prayers. i have never broken a bone or had a single stitch in my life, so the thought of the hospital and all that comes with delivery is frightening!

love you all!