My Loves

My Loves

Monday, November 24, 2008

last post of the day...i promise

can't figure out how to rotate this pic...
mom bought this outfit right after we found we were having a boy. can't wait to show my dad! in this pic you can see his hemangioma that i blogged about last week, the really white spot on his left arm.

we don't let him sleep like this, but i had to put some make up on for church. i stole away 15 minutes and got it done! look how out of it he is.


Brenda said...

Hey Jamie, he's a cutie! I had to laugh about him being on his stomach because "you're NOT supposed to do that!" But you know what? Babies sleep SOOOOOOO much better on their tummies curled up in the fetal position! Maggie still sleeps like that:) Enjoy your baby days.

Southern Mama said...

He is just precious! Aren't you having a blast. I think he looks like you!