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My Loves

Saturday, November 1, 2008

last day at preschool

Yesterday was my last day of work until january 6th! it was a sad but fun day, kinda bittersweet. it was halloween so we carved a pumpkin as a class and strung candy necklaces. at the end of the day i was called down the hall to the "principals office," meanwhile my kids were shuffled into a room across the hall. they had a surprise shower for me/colton. it was so sweet and so fun! i will miss my kids, their parents, and beth (my co teacher) so much!

this was one of the precious gifts from the class, it will be so sweet in colton's nursery!

sneaky beth was able to make 2 of these frames for me with all 17 of the children's hand prints. i was actually at school and in the building while they were made and had NO CLUE! can't wait to hang them. yesterday was such a special day!

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Southern Mama said...

Those sweet frames brought tears to my eyes. Love them....Sorry I couldn't talk to you longer the other day. It was crazy around here. I can't believe it's almost time.