My Loves

My Loves

Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween traditions

sweet little addie with mom in her punkin costume, it was ginormous, but still cute as can be.
she can't wait for her buddy colton to get here--lass than a week!

addie and her mommy, looking all festive!
for the past 7 years, josh and i have come to mom and dads to hand out candy and eat pizza on halloween. sometimes its just us, sometimes we have others join us. last night, dad was actually in town to participate, josh and kim came over, and of course sarah and addie joined us. it was a fun night. hope you all had a nice halloween.
i sure am ready for my little turkey to arrive!

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Brenda said...

Hi Jamie, Sarah said you'd lost your mucus plug! Fun fun. I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow and it is a speedy labor. Congratulations! Holler if you need any bfeeding help:)