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My Loves

Saturday, November 8, 2008

introducing Colton Michael Mays...

Colton and his Daddy cuddling!

My sweet boy!

First Mays Family pic!

He is a big boy!
Well, we checked in to Methodist Germantown Thursday, November 6th at 5 am!! I was a nervous wreck and hadn't slept since Tuesday night. I went into this with 4 goals/obstacles to conquer for the day. You see, I have never broken a bone or had a single stitch--let alone be admitted to a hospital.
I get undressed, Josh had to hang in the waiting room while they did preliminary check in. Here comes he lovely IV lady, her name was Jamie...maybe it was a sign! Well, she was able to find two veins--they both blew. uh oh, well in walks this angel named Lauren. She sat down and hooked me right up! Obstacle one--conquered!
At that point mom and Josh joined me in the massive room and we waited as they started the pitocin, fluids, and penicillin. At 8:30, Mestemacher came to break my waters...obstacle #2 CONQUERED.
Contractions quickly started and I tolerated them for 2 hours, which was when we called for # 3 --THE EPIDURAL. I was so scared, but the anesthetist was AMAZING! He walked me through it step by step and I actually enjoyed the process! It worked almost instantly and I had pain relief for about 2 hours. I began to feel the left side of my body, so they had to redo the epidural--no big deal, didn't feel a thing! At this point I was 4 cm.
Well, 2 hours later and 10 cm I could feel the left side of my body--again! It was time to push and I was in slight pain in my left back and leg. They turned off the epidural so that I could push. We started obstacle #4 --pushing at 5:30. I was so exhausted and all feeling was coming back. Mom, Josh , and the nurse were so amazing. By 6:42 pm, Colton Michael was on my chest. I did it!! We did it!!

8lbs, 11 ounces, and 21 inches!
Colton Michael Mays
Lots of dark hair.
We go home today! I feel great, Cant wait for you all to meet him.


maribeth said...

congratulations, jamie!! i'm so proud of you! he is precious!

Southern Mama said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Such a miracle! Love ya'll!

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

hooray for baby colton!