My Loves

My Loves

Monday, April 27, 2009

my 8...

okie, i have been tagged by my buddy mb, here goes...

8 things i look forward to--->

1. hearing my sweet boy say "mamma"

2. the pool

3. the lake

4. more babies

5. turning 30, i know weird... lets just do it!

6. hopefully seeing my family in june, at the beach!

7. my first mothers day

8. keith urban/sugarland in june!

8 things i did yesterday (written sunday)--->

1. woke up, sick

3. went to arlington in april with friends

4. went to sommerville for sweet sofias birthday party

5. took a much needed rest after all the driving!

6. went to an amazing 50th wedding anniversary party for the russels

7. saw lots of folks i havent seen in forever

8. ate mcdonalds, way to late. gross! went to sleep missing my baby!

8 things i wish i could do--->

1. run for exercise

2. cook without recipes

3. make my sweet boy happy all the time!!

4. keep my house neat and clean on a daily basis

5. do "artsy" things

6. learn how to use my sewing machine

7. go to orlando or gulf shores once a month

8. go back to ecuador

8 shows i like to watch--->

1. young and the restless

2. one tree hill

3. big love

4. desperate housewives

5. brothers and sisters

6. biggest loser

7. greys anatomy

8. er, sad its gone...

8 bloggy buddys i tag...

well most of mine have been tagged already so here goes...

1. allison

2. brooke

3. jenny h.

4. shelly

5. amy m.

so proud...

This is my sweet and adorable cousin Michael. We are 7 years apart in age and I adore him and his sweet spirit. Mikey is graduating next weekend from MTSU with a degree in Engineering. We just received the awesome news, from his oh so prod momma, that he has been named Engineering student of the year!!! From what I understand there is a banquet and they will showcase some of his projects. Congrats sweet boy! We love you!!! I am beaming for you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

mr. independent

look at my big boy, sitting up and playing all by himself!
we had to make a trip to the dr on friday afternoon. coley had been stuffy for a few days and it wasn't getting any better! he loves to lay on the bed and crinkle up all the paper. his other favorite past time is the mirror at the dr's office. they gave us a decongestant and sent us on our way! he is now 5 1/2 months old.
20.12 lbs!!!


so, my bro and his buddy will hosted thier 2nd annual beer and crawfish fest this weekend. i am not a crawfish eater, but went to socialize. now, don't get me wrong-- i like crawfish, just don't know how to eat them (peel them) properly. well, thanks so my uncle kev and brandon--i am a pro now. i loved it! mixed in each batch were sausages, potatoes, corn, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, and of course--crawfish!
don, uncle kev, debbie, and josh

bro and sis!
notice nate's accessory!

will and josh. the hosts

james and deebs, love this pic!

colton was helping ellie chop potatoes to go in the boil! yum!
it was a fun day with family and friends. the rain wasn't too bad and it was actually nice most of the day! looking forward to next year.

cowboy up

josh's mom, mimi, bought these boots for colton before he was born. mimi and granddaddy have 2 horses at their house - blaze and cheyenne. josh used to ride when he was a kid, so i thought i would send him to granddaddy's all "cowboyed" up!
he has his mama's calves, they wouldn't completely zip over them. oh well he looked cute for his day with grandaddy!

giddy up yall!

Monday, April 13, 2009

hoppy easter

colton in his easter digs, so sweet! the easter bunny visited our house, ellie's house, and mimi and granddaddy's! we have new bath toys, some clothes, movies, books, horses, and a zoo membership!!! what a special easter for our family!

oh yea, check out his new shades! he loves to be outside, but gets mad when the sun is in his eyes. we put these on him several times and he doesn't mess with them...yet!


we have entered the wonderful world of teething! EVERYTHING goes straight to our mouth! at least he is smiling about it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a day at the park

ready to go!
playing with ellie

rocko was able to go with us today, he was such a good boy!

big boy

go cubbies!

love this pic

naked baby

today we packed up and headed to shelby farms, it was a gorgeous day! we had a nice picnic and coley played. he loves to be outside.