My Loves

My Loves

Monday, April 27, 2009

my 8...

okie, i have been tagged by my buddy mb, here goes...

8 things i look forward to--->

1. hearing my sweet boy say "mamma"

2. the pool

3. the lake

4. more babies

5. turning 30, i know weird... lets just do it!

6. hopefully seeing my family in june, at the beach!

7. my first mothers day

8. keith urban/sugarland in june!

8 things i did yesterday (written sunday)--->

1. woke up, sick

3. went to arlington in april with friends

4. went to sommerville for sweet sofias birthday party

5. took a much needed rest after all the driving!

6. went to an amazing 50th wedding anniversary party for the russels

7. saw lots of folks i havent seen in forever

8. ate mcdonalds, way to late. gross! went to sleep missing my baby!

8 things i wish i could do--->

1. run for exercise

2. cook without recipes

3. make my sweet boy happy all the time!!

4. keep my house neat and clean on a daily basis

5. do "artsy" things

6. learn how to use my sewing machine

7. go to orlando or gulf shores once a month

8. go back to ecuador

8 shows i like to watch--->

1. young and the restless

2. one tree hill

3. big love

4. desperate housewives

5. brothers and sisters

6. biggest loser

7. greys anatomy

8. er, sad its gone...

8 bloggy buddys i tag...

well most of mine have been tagged already so here goes...

1. allison

2. brooke

3. jenny h.

4. shelly

5. amy m.


me said...

oh, i so wish i could run for exercise, as well!!

Molly said...

AMEN to the exercise!

Girl, I wish I knew you were going to seeKeith Urban. I so wanted to go and couldn't find anyone...... I would have tagged along with you! :-)

Southern Mama said...

If I can run you can too! I promise. I get double duty. I pray while I's the only strength I can find!!!

Off The Vine said...

is this me Brooke???

Jamie said...

yup, its you brroke. you have been tagged!