My Loves

My Loves

Monday, April 20, 2009


so, my bro and his buddy will hosted thier 2nd annual beer and crawfish fest this weekend. i am not a crawfish eater, but went to socialize. now, don't get me wrong-- i like crawfish, just don't know how to eat them (peel them) properly. well, thanks so my uncle kev and brandon--i am a pro now. i loved it! mixed in each batch were sausages, potatoes, corn, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, and of course--crawfish!
don, uncle kev, debbie, and josh

bro and sis!
notice nate's accessory!

will and josh. the hosts

james and deebs, love this pic!

colton was helping ellie chop potatoes to go in the boil! yum!
it was a fun day with family and friends. the rain wasn't too bad and it was actually nice most of the day! looking forward to next year.

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