My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, February 26, 2009

first day of school

Colton and Mommy, first day of preschool!
Colton and Ms Janie, "the principal"

Snug as a bug in is crib at school!

Nap # 2!

he is the one in the middle
coley's crazy teachers, ms ginger and ms nancy
Colton had a wonderful first day at preschool. He seemed so happy. I was able to see him a few times throughout the day. He even at most of his squash and took 2 decent naps. Thanks to everyone who made his day (and mine) so special!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

our babysitter...einstein

colton is not very found of his seat, but i had to get some laundry done. i popped in an Einstein dvd and crossed my fingers...
it worked! well, for about 20 minutes! but hey--we all have clean clothes.

favorite uncle joshie

awe, best buds...well-sometimes. for about the past 3 weeks whenever my brother holds colton, he screams. it saddens me, and we cant figure out why he does it. but, low and behold this sunday at screaming. just look at them. isn't it sweet? uncle joshie is going to spoil him rotten!

family -- we ran into at church

coley and paige
coley and angie

coley and jj, he is so ready for a playmate...hint hint!

sue, did not add your photo. you will thank me for that. we will try again when he is a hapy boy and not sucking down the bottle!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

pic of the week

my sweet, sweet boy. don't you just want to kiss all over those cheeks?!?!?!
have a great week!

go tigers!

colton always has his hands like this, so cute.
look at that belly!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


this my friends is how our new "house guests" entered our home. they pulled, ripped, and pried their way in-- without an invitation I might add. let me just tell ya, they will not be as welcomed as alvin, simon, and theodore....

needless to say, the repair man is here now...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

mom, please?!?!?

hehe, rocko was so confused. he always wants to be where colton is so, there he was. poor guy could not figure out what was going on! fun times!
colton is doing much better! ears are clear and we are down to 2 breathing treatments a day. colton starts preschool on March 3rd, i cant wait!!! he will come to school with me 2 days a week and will rotate between mom and the mays on fridays. we are so blessed to have the help! i have applied for a part time job in the evenings at baptist east. hopefully, that will work out.
i posted a few times tonight. enjoy your weekend!

over it!

so, this make me insane, but i am usually to lazy to do anything about it! there is "stuff" everywhere in our itty bitty pantry. its ridiculous, "we" just shove stuff in there with no rhyme or reason. i have about 9 boxes of pasta, b/c when i am at the store i never know what is in the black hole, aka the pantry!
ahhh, now there is some itty bitty pantry harmony! "stuff" is where it belongs. next i need to figure out where all the baby food is going to go, that is just around the corner!

peace, love, and pantry!


My friend tait is getting married next month. her lingerie shower was this past weekend, and colton was the only "boy" allowed!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentines fun!

"mr. neb"

so, let me fill ya in on our past week of crazy sickness. last tuesday i woke up a few times in the middle of the night to throw up. i thought it was something i ate...josh cooked dinner that night, sorry honey. coley also woke up sick with a bad cough and was extremely congested. i made an appointment with his pediatrician and headed on in to work. josh and mimi were going to take him to the dr. well, i felt really bad and wanted to take my baby to the dr, so my sweet friends at work were able to get my classroom covered. i went home to get the checkbook and found out that josh had started throwing up and was feeling EXTREMELY bad. i went and met mimi at the dr, colton had a cold and we were told to treat with tylenol. we went home, loaded josh up on fluids and went to stay with ellie. i was sick, but not as bad as josh! we both felt better the next day--not much improvement with colton, but hey, its just a cold...RIGHT!

jump to saturday, valentines morning, my sweet baby boy is hacking and wheezing. he could hardly catch his breath. laurelwood said to bring him in asap. we went right in - no wait! the nurse called the dr in and she immediately ordered a breathing treatment and a test for rsv---at this point i am in a complete panic. rsv? my baby wasn't a preemie--far from it. he has been so healthy. rsv? anyway--i calmed down for the rest of the exam. we administered the breathing treatment and waited for the rsv results. NEGATIVE! praise god! he has a bronchial infection and an ear infection--poor baby! they sent us home with the breathing machine--"mr. neb" and a prescription for albuterol and amoxicillin. i hate that he is going thru this but so thankful it is nothing worse!

what a memory for our first valentines day with colton! hope yours was less stressful than ours!

i posted a few times today in order to catch up.

trying to get a smile

coley smiles and laughs all the time, but i can never seem to catch it on camera. i almost had it here...
got it here, but his eyes are creepy...

oh well, i give up.


Colton Michael
14 weeks
17.5 lbs
Colton always has his luvie in his hand and his toes curled up. We call his sweet little feet "biscuits!"

Rocko felt the need to be in the pic too!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

yummy yummy to his tummy

i can't believe how much he has changed!

"really kimmie? why do you need a pic of me eating cereal?"

well, we tried rice cereal from the spoon this week. he did ok, and if anything just seemed confused. it was pretty funny to watch. colton will be 14 weeks old tomorrow! we went to the dr yesterday for a bad cough, extreme stuffiness, and decreased appetite. turns out he has a virus -- tylenol and liquids are the only things we can do to make him more comfortable. he now weighs....drum roll please.......17.3 lbs. guess i need to start looking into the britax car seat--sooner rather than later.
josh and i were also sick yesterday, fever and the stomach bug. josh had it WAY worse than me. it ran its course pretty quickly--thank GOD! coley and i spent the night with mom so josh could sleep it off. we both feel SO much better today!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The exersaucer! Coley is in love with this wonderful toy/babysitter/entertainer/noisemaker, and mommy is too! I had Josh put it together on Sunday--he finished it up on Monday and presto, happy baby! He spins around in and bounces up and down. I thought he was still to small for it, but no way Jose!
Just look at my precious boy!

Monday, February 2, 2009


coley's special #45 shirt for mitchie!
this was our super bowl outfit. doesn't he look like a linebacker?!?!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

how we like to spend our time...

we love to play wii! josh's parents bought us a wii and wii fit for christmas. josh and i have a had a blast with it. our fav things to play together are bowling, ski jump, and other random wii fit games. colton is into it too!
tiger games!
colton has not missed a single home game since the day he was born. his first game was at 9 days of age. he loves the lights, sounds, and people. this pic was taken this weekend. we went to the game with don and debbie. the tigers beat houston!
4 more home games, kinda sad!

12 weeks

12 weeks
16.1 lbs
his 2 favorite things--(besides mommy and daddy): paci and lambie
in the bumbo

all dressed up

every year josh's company has an awards ceremony at the crescent club. it is a black tie affair, and all of the employees from chartwell come to memphis for it. they have offices in jonesboro, little rock, and somewhere else i cant think of right now. i went with him last year, but this year i had a wedding to attend. this pic was taken after memphis beat UT, so coley was still in his memphis gear. my 2 handsome boys!