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My Loves

Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentines fun!

"mr. neb"

so, let me fill ya in on our past week of crazy sickness. last tuesday i woke up a few times in the middle of the night to throw up. i thought it was something i ate...josh cooked dinner that night, sorry honey. coley also woke up sick with a bad cough and was extremely congested. i made an appointment with his pediatrician and headed on in to work. josh and mimi were going to take him to the dr. well, i felt really bad and wanted to take my baby to the dr, so my sweet friends at work were able to get my classroom covered. i went home to get the checkbook and found out that josh had started throwing up and was feeling EXTREMELY bad. i went and met mimi at the dr, colton had a cold and we were told to treat with tylenol. we went home, loaded josh up on fluids and went to stay with ellie. i was sick, but not as bad as josh! we both felt better the next day--not much improvement with colton, but hey, its just a cold...RIGHT!

jump to saturday, valentines morning, my sweet baby boy is hacking and wheezing. he could hardly catch his breath. laurelwood said to bring him in asap. we went right in - no wait! the nurse called the dr in and she immediately ordered a breathing treatment and a test for rsv---at this point i am in a complete panic. rsv? my baby wasn't a preemie--far from it. he has been so healthy. rsv? anyway--i calmed down for the rest of the exam. we administered the breathing treatment and waited for the rsv results. NEGATIVE! praise god! he has a bronchial infection and an ear infection--poor baby! they sent us home with the breathing machine--"mr. neb" and a prescription for albuterol and amoxicillin. i hate that he is going thru this but so thankful it is nothing worse!

what a memory for our first valentines day with colton! hope yours was less stressful than ours!

i posted a few times today in order to catch up.


maribeth said...

bless his heart! he looks way more cooperative than miller. he fought it like crazy!

jennifer said...

oh NO! poor guy.

i hope you all are feeling better really soon.

Molly said...

Oh! How sad! Hope today he is feeling better. Welcome to the crazy, scary feelings of motherhood. Those experiences are why Clairol is is business, not to mention the teen years! Hah!

Allison and DJ said...

Max has the same chicken face mask, it cracks me up. I hope he feels better.