My Loves

My Loves

Friday, May 29, 2009

coley's first lake trip

I know, I have been absent in the world of blogging. I'll try to do better! The above pic is colton all strapped in and ready to head out on the lake!
ellie bought him this $4.00 pool. Best buy EVA! He had quite the set up on the boat!


safety first! he had to wear the life vest while the boat was moving!

happy nekie boy

bottle time
(yes, i am aware that my husbands new "do" has him looking like a cancer patient)

all tuckered out. he slept for like 2 hours!


Southern Mama said...

Look at him asleep with his lovies. Is that cookie monster? So so sweet!

me said...

there is not even any water in that pool! hysterical! i love how easy it is to entertain babies-a couple of cups and a plastic sitting area and you are good for hours!

Margaret said...

Adorable! Owen isn't loving his life jacket either!! Love his pool on the boat.

jennifer said...

look how big he looks in that pool! wow!