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My Loves

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Fever

I know I am not alone in all the excitement that is surrounding the Olympics. It is pretty pitiful, but if we are not right there in front of the tv, we DVR it for future viewing. Josh and I have lost several hours of sleep due to late night gymnastics, swimming, and track events. I am amazed at the determination and athleticism of the athletes. I could not imagine, walking across a 4 ft beam let alone flipping backwards on one! Debbie and I proceeded to watch the women's marathon last night, boring--but amazing. Wonder what we will do when the Olympics are over...

We went to visit Sarah, Jim, and Addi last night. Sarah looks and feels so much better, she is off all of her IV's and is getting around some on her own. She is especially sore b/c there was no numbing agent given before the C-section. They just had to knock her out and take the baby. She walked to the nursery and back yesterday. Addi is struggling some to breath, so they have put her on an oxygen hood. She is still very feisty and has only lost 1 ounce! I sent Josh, Don, and Debbie back with Jim last night to see her since I had the night before. Sarah and I were able to visit alone while they were gone. She was giving me some "heads up" info regarding childbirth and after care--fun stuff! Makes me a little anxious! Josh and Don had a little too much fun last ngith with the rubber gloves, biohazard bags, and other goodies they "found" in the hospital. I am really in for it when Colton arrives! We had to make Josh leave, because it was hurting Sarah to laugh! Sarah goes home tomorrow. Please pray for her mind and spirit, it will be so hard to leave precious Addi in the NICU!

I have a busy week ahead of me! Neuro appointment tomorrow. Babysitting on Tuesday. Work meeting on Wednesday. Second Diabetes test Thursday. On Friday, I plan to veg in the pool! We start preschool next week! Where has the summer gone?!?!?

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