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My Loves

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back in Memphis

We are back! Arrived at 7 am, and we are very exhausted! Mom, dad, Josh, and I arrived in Orlando last Sunday around 10 pm--headed straight to bed. Monday morning Josh went with dad to the auction and mom and I worked out and headed to the pool. The guys played 18 holes after the auction ( after dodging the afternoon thunder showers ). We went out for a nice diner Monday night--Vito's Chop House. This is one of dads regular places to go--they all know his name! Thanks for a great dinner mom and dad!

Tuesday was the beginning of Josh's conference, it didn't start until 2, so he and I grabbed a few chairs by the pool. Mom was sick that day and never left the room. We figure it was just a 24 hour stomach thing. I worked out and picked up Josh around 530. We went to the outlets that night. Dad works 2 auctions on Tuesdays, so mom was able to relax by herself. I think she slept all day! Josh and I found a few things for Colton at the outlets. From there, we headed to the largest TGIFridays in the world. So many TV's and games--it was huge!

Josh had to be at the conference Wednesday at 830. Mom was feeling much better so we worked out and headed to the pool. We did a lot of observing that day. We felt as tho we were a minority during this trip--but in a fun and interesting way. Orlando --esp our hotel was such the melting pot of cultures, languages, wardrobes, swimsuits (haha) and other daily differences. Mom and I laid there all day trying to figure out where people were from and who belonged to who. It was refreshing to see that so many people come to our country as an escape and for a good time. We were totally immersed with folks from England, Ireland, South Africa, and I am sure many other places. The boys golfed late that day and mom and I headed back to the outlets. Wednesday night we all headed to City Walk with one of dads car friends - Bob Karr. It is right outside of Universal and Islands of adventure. Lots of restaurants, shops, and a live band. We ate at Jimmy Buffets Margarita ville and watched the beautiful fireworks. This was a very long and tiresome day.

Thursday was my favorite day, the four of us headed off to Sea worlds- Aquatica. We had to be there at 8 am, it is a new park and fills very quickly. The manager form the Crowne Plaza met us and comped out tickets into the park--thanks Scott! We found chairs and an umbrella in the sand right in front of the 2 wave pools. The first thing we did was float in 2 person tubes on the lazy river, it was so relaxing--until you were suddenly stuck under a waterfall- laughing so hard you almost wet your pants. From there we found another river of sorts- you float in it without tubes. you have the option of a life jacket or not. I opted for not and the others used one. The current were so swift and so fun!! Again, this brought on immense laughter and some water up the nose! Josh and mom rode the slides, wish I could have but, my doctor would have frowned! They had a blast and I had a blast watching them! The rest of the day we chilled in our chairs, the wave pool, and in the 2 rivers. It was absolutely amazing! We left the park in time for the boys to get back and get showered. Dad had a night auction and Josh had a seminar at the conference. Late that night everyone went back to Vito's I stayed in and packed/showered--we decide to switch flights. We flew home at 6:15 this morning. I am exhausted--but in a good refreshing kind of way.

Love to you all, have a nice weekend!

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