My Loves

My Loves

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steamy days

I love this pic of Rocko, I found him chilling in his usual spot today. He was looking out the window-checking in on all the neighbors, with his favorite toys piled in the bed around him. I just love it! Can't wait for COlton to get here--they will be best buds.

It is SO hot here in Memphis, and if you live here I don't need to tell you that! This morning we went for our walk, and it was miserable. At 9:00, it was already close to 90 degrees. Maybe we need to start walking earlier! Below is a pic of Rocko after we came home, he was so swoopy. Poor thing could hardly keep his eyes open.

After cleaning, Josh and I went to register at Target. We have already registered at Babies-R-US. Josh seems to enjoy picking out and scanning all of the items for Colton. Our tastes are usually a little different, but we have compromised on most everything.

Today was the start of my clean out and clean up phase. I ran laundry all day and defeated my kitchen. We have accumulated so much stuff, it is nice to let it go. I love the way clean smells! The next room to tackle is the den/dining room/wet bar. It will prob take a full day! Oh well, it feels so good to get it done. We will need to call the Disabled Vets to make a pick up next week.

Tomorrow is my birthday, the big 29! I plan on laying at Meredith's pool and relaxing with her.

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