My Loves

My Loves

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am posting twice today, because I forgot to mention the adventures of Granny from Monday. I received the call Monday morning that granny was headed to Methodist North in an ambulance--dizzy and grandpa couldn't get her in the car. Turns out she has Vertigo. They ran all precautionary tests and released her. Could have been a lot worse.

The above pic is of Paige with what we called the "elephant condom," it was also known as a barf bag. Below pic is us messing with granny when she was out of it. She is prob gonna kill me, oh well she doesn't read the blog anyway!


Laurie said...

Granny is going to kill you if she ever reads this!! Good thing you already got your birthday present from her!!!
Love you, going to bed now, I'm very swoopy!

Southern Mama said...

This is so funny! Your poor Granny. I love it. Made my day!