My Loves

My Loves

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swoopy time

Josh and I are dog/house sitting for mom and dad while they are at the British Open. We also have my brothers dog Yoshe while he and Kim are at the lake. When I woke up today, this is how JJ and Yoshe were sleeping. Yoshe is never on this particular couch, she must have been very swoopy. "Swoopy" is a term that mom and I use when any of the dogs are exhausted, don't know how it started or where it came from. We still giggle every time we say it.

Mom and dad come home tonight around 6, I received a text from her when they landed in Amsterdam. She wasn't feeling well and had been throwing up. I think it is from lack of sleep. She said she hadn't slept at all in Manchester. They had a 8 hour lay over in Amsterdam so dad was looking for a lounge. Hope she was able to rest for a few hours. I am meeting them at the airport with a suitcase for dad, he is getting right back on a plane for Orlando.

We are about to head out for our daily walk, its prob 100 degrees today.

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