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My Loves

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Birthdays, cookouts, and more

I went out to Collierville and Tuesday to spend some time with Sarah--who is on bed rest until alt least the 10th. She was extremely bored and stir crazy so I busted her out for a quick trip to Target. She refused to ride in the wheel chair, so the shopping was short but sweet!

Josh and I have been walking with Rocko most mornings. Every little bit of exercise helps for all of us! It is hot, but we stay hydrated and only go for 40 minutes or so. I have really enjoyed it.

Thursday, Josh and I joined the Huffmans (Jim and Sarah) for a lazy day at the pool. We were in the pool all day, so the heat wasn't too bad! That night Josh and I took an Ice Cream cake over to Granny's for her 72nd birthday. The visit was short but nice--they had to hurry and get to the Bartlett fireworks show. I think she looks great for 72, hope I look that good at her age!

We spent the 4th at Don and Debbie's. It was cloudy all day, but everyone had fun visiting and hanging out. There were several of our friends and family there. Most of the folks left around 6 or so, but we stayed for fireworks. The boys are like little kids when you break out the fireworks!

Today, we are packing for our trip to Orlando. We leave tomorrow and come back next Friday. I am so excited to relax with Josh and my folks. We are also going to try out the new Disney water park/wave pool/beach called Aquatica. Josh is going to auction with dad one day and I am sure we will squeeze in some shopping and pool time.

I am 22 weeks today, trucking along slowly but surely. I go to the dr for a routine check up on the 16th, hope I havent gained too much weight! My glucose test is in 6 weeks, we will also have a 4-D ultrsound that day. Can't wait to see Colton!

Love to you all, pray for save travels as we head off to Orlando!

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