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My Loves

Monday, October 20, 2008

memphis madness

my man, mack--i think he wont the slam dunk contest!
so, this past friday we ventured down tot he forum for memphis madness. I wasn't very excited about going, but my hubby really wanted to go. as much as i dreaded it (mainly b/c I am 37 weeks preggers), i am so glad we went! the city really showed up to support our tigers! my uncle said "yea, because it was free," who cares--free fun is still fun!

it was packed, as much as a regular game would have been. everyone was in blue and white. i can't wait to fit back into my #20 mack jersey, not too much longer. colton has lots of tiger gear too, can't wait!

some of the guys hanging out before the blue/white scrimmage. cdr was announced after the team was introduced. he ran out and up through the student section and released the ncaa final four banner, it gave me chills!

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