My Loves

My Loves

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

so much to do, so little time

We have been working so hard on getting the house ready for Colton's arrival. Well, mom and Josh have been working so hard, I do what I can do! Since August we have painted the nursery, stripped wallpaper in guest bath, scraped the popcorn ceiling in guest bath and refinished ceiling, painted guest bath and added glaze, painted hallway, painted trim in hallway, and now she is stripping paper and painting master bath! Crazy! Everything looks great. All the while there has been tons of laundry (ours and Colton's), organizing, cleaning out, and deep cleaning. We won't have time to paint the white paneling in the den so Josh and I scrubbed it all the other night. We need new carpet, but that will have to wait. Not perfect, but much better! We so appreciate all of Ellie's hard work and overtime, haha. Josh treats her like an employee, kinda funny!

I will post progress pics of Colton's room and the guest bath later. His room is 90% complete, all we need is the glider and 1 last frame on the wall. It is so cute and peaceful, I love to just sit in there and look at his things! Just think--he could be here 3 weeks from tomorrow!

I go to the Dr tomorrow for my first "weekly" check up. Hopefully she will have some news for me regarding a possible induction (we would love to do it on the 5th)! I am also having an ultrasound to check Colton's approximate weight.

Have a great day, enjoy this gorgeous weather. We walked this morning and it was SO nice!

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