My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snowpocalypse 2015

 My favorite boys!

 Rocko, 11 yrs old and loving the snow.
 Snow Bunny!

Family snow day at YeaYeah's house.
 Krissy and Joshie
 Yeayeah and Coley, right before she smashed a snowball on his head.
Uncle Joshie dumping snow on Coley!
Sister from another Mister!
 Uncle Joshie and Coley Sleddin
 I spy a baby peeking through the window!
 They love each other so much!
Love this shot!
 Um, I was going super fast!
 So FUN!!!

Whoa Joshie, slow down.
 And they're off!
 Krissy and Coco

 2 rounds of snow cream

Haha, so fun. We were all soaked, cold, and in need of refreshments at this point. We headed in to watch Frozen and to play with MIKI. Hope you had a happy snow day too.