My Loves

My Loves

Monday, September 8, 2008

so big!

a new feeding technique for preemies. addie took 10 of her 38 cc's from the bottle today! very exciting! the technique is to hold them like a football and to tilt the bottle back and forth as needed to let them catch their breath. supposed to help with less gas too!
sarah changed her first poopy diaper today!

look, she is growing out of her preemie clothes. (margee, i think you gave
her this one!)
I can't believe how long and big she looks here.

So sweet and peaceful in her mommas arms, with a full tummy!

Momma and sweet baby!

Today was a great visit with Addie. She is up to 5.10 lbs and almost 18 inches long. Sarah changed her diaper, took her temp, and fed her today. She is taking fewer IV fluids and more breast milk! Pretty soon she will move to the step down side.

Please pray for the baby/family that is next to Addie. The baby is not doing well at all, and they are preparing the parents for the worse. Pray for Baby Girl B and her parents.

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