My Loves

My Loves

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun with friends

Sarah and I at the Tigers game, doesn't she look great!
The boys playing "tailgate golf"

Mel and I at tailgate!

Saturday was the first Memphis home game, vs. Rice. We had a nice tailgate with the Russell's, Huffman's, Conway's and the Meier's. The food was great, the company even better. It is nice to have Jim and Sarah around again! Too bad the Tigers choked in the last five minutes and lost the game. It was still a great time, I am so ready for basketball season! We can't wait to take Colton and Addie to their first game together! I believe Colton is due the night of the first home game. Dad and Josh said they were torn as to where they would be... needless to say it will be Methodist Germantown if it does happen that way!

I go back to the Dr on Wednesday. This is the start of my 2 week check ups. I still don't feel Colton too much--if at all because of the anterior placenta. Hopefully he has flipped himself around, and is no longer in the breech position. I will also be showing the Dr my blood sugar journal, I have been in check for the last two weeks. I have caved on a few indulgences (pronto pup-- I'll keep this a secret from another GD friend at school and a glazed donut). My sugar was in the normal range after eating both of these, so I am beginning to I have GD after all? My fingers are sore from testing four times a day. But I will continue because it is best for me and the baby! I will also try to schedule my delivery while I am there...want to make sure my daddy is in town for Colton's big debut!


Southern Mama said...

You look great! I hope school is going well and not wearing you out.

Jamie said...

thanks anne! we are having a great year!