My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, November 3, 2011

we got her!

for the past few months we have been planning mom's 50th surprise party. this was hands down, one of the hardest things i have ever done. mostly because this is usually something we would plan together. josh and krissy were so kind to offer their new home to host the party.

my sweet friend heather made this awesome "50" display out of paper flowers. we hung it on the front door...too bad she didnt even enter thru that door. way to go dad!
memories table.

our favorite cake from costco, spruced up a bit with moms favorite...gerber daisys

close to 100 friends and family joined us to celebrate. we were all waiting for her to enter the FRONT door...but she had other plans, and dad didnt intervene.

she entered thru the back door and surprised us. lol

krissy, me, and marybeth

Coley and yea-yeah about to blow out the candles!

colton had a blast at the party

josh's speech/roast

janie, me, and the beast--great food!

deebs, me, and janie--love these girls

joe and donna came in from orlando to surprise mom!
fun times, DUDE!

love, love, love this family pic, just wish coley was in it!

happy 50, we love you momma!

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