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My Loves

Sunday, October 2, 2011

daddy's new back yard!

Yesterday, we took Coley for his first trip to "My Big Backyard" at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. It was a beautiful day.Flower Beds, haha
Coley and daddy checking it all out.

Colton was cooking up something yummy!

My sweet child refuses to look at the camera...

Momma and Coley man in the cool swing.

Checking it all out! This place was filled with the coolest nooks and crannies.

Crossing the algae pond, "all by himself!"

Some of the cute playhouses.

yea, he looks bad and brave with daddy on the cross bridge. but, he absolutely would not do the slide!

oops, posted this pic twice!

the music house, where he was smacked in the eye with a wrench. recovered quickly and went back in to make more music!

tunnels everywhere...

Wowza, he's looking at the camera! yay, what a sweet pic!

Hugging the dinosaur, he was so excited!

I love this red bridge over the coy pond.

Hanging out over the water. We had such a fun day together at "My Big Backyard." When we told Colton where we were going, he ran around at church telling everyone that his daddy got a new backyard! hehe, so cute.

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Laura Meier said...

Looks like we'll have more field trips there. glad you had fun!