My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, January 1, 2009

new years takes on a whole new meaning!

my how things have changed for us! we spent new years eve with our new babies at the conways. lots of yummy food and wii! the babies were awake for most of the night, and even helped ring in the new year! thanks to the conways for hosting a fun-quiet night. happy new year!
coley tried out addie's bumbo, and was sitting up pretty well. still need a little more strength training. he seemed to like it. colton is 8 weeks old today, time goes by so fast!


Laurie said...

Coley looks like he's not getting enough to eat or that he's about to throw up! Won't be long and he'll be sitting up with no problems!

Jamie said...

yea, he wasn't about to throw up. just my big boy!

jennifer said...

he's so cute!