My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have been SO BAD about blogging. Ill spare you the excuses and just say I've been slackin. You should see my house, lol. Colton has been battling an ear infection in his left ear for 30+ days. 3 rounds of antibiotics and still no relief. Poor guy.
The above picture was taken on a hayride at Priddy Farms. We went with the Huffmans last Sunday. SO fun for the kiddos!
My handsome boy, can you believe he will be 1 next week?!?!?!

Colton and Addie sporting the candy corn shirts that I made (yay me!)

Colton and Addie at Zoo Boo!

Trunk or Treat

The Mays

Mimi's car decorated for Trunk or treat!

The Huffmans

The Mays
Isn't he the cutest monkey you have ever seen???

1 comment:

Southern Mama said...

The 2nd cutest monkey ever! Remember that monkey suit you got Mae at old navy! Girl...She still squeezes into it! So....she is my cutest monkey.
I'm so sorry that Colton is feeling bad! Will had tubes too! He's all good now. We only had to have one set.
Call me when you can.

Love ya'll!
OK....I'll give it to him! he's the cutest BOY monkey ever!