My Loves

My Loves

Monday, March 30, 2009

big time shopper

hehe, look at my big boy shopper! he loved sitting up like a big boy! he even took a bottle and slept. so fun!
sidenote, wish you could see his shirt better. it has an appliqued tie on it, so so cute!


Emily & Amelia said...

omg - I can't stand it!!!!! he is so sitnkin CUTE!!!!!

Paige Ware said...

I'm obsessed with this little man...

Ladybird said...

Too cute! I haven't been brave enough to do this have given me a new challenge! Next time I head to the store, I am getting the kid out of the carseat and into the cart!

Colton is adorable! My little guy, EC (Emory Cole) was born on 9/15/08 so they are similar in age.

Allison and DJ said...

Where did you get the shirt?

Max likes to ride the cart too. But he pulls the cover off chews on everything and it drives me nuts!