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My Loves

Monday, March 9, 2009

Flat Stanley Comes To Town

My cousin, MaryLou, is reading the book Flat Stanley for school. She lives in Charleston SC, but wanted for her "Flat Stanley" to visit us in Memphis. So, here he is having a blast with Colton.
Dad even took him to Orlando to get in some tanning at the pool.

Flat Stanley arrived in Memphis on the day of the snow, bet he doesn't see much of that in Charleston! Last I heard Flat Stanley is visiting Grandpa and Grandma in Gulf Shores. He ought to be really tan when he arrives back to MaryLou!
BTY...I am so doing this with my class next year!


maribeth said...

it's so cute, isn't it?? i have seen stanley on a few other blogs as well. one requested geographical info about the city he was visiting. you could keep up with his travels on a map and graph the number of days it takes him to travel to and from. i may have to do it as well. how fun!!

Off The Vine said...

I have the book and have done it with my special ed was so much fun and my kiddies loved it!!