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My Loves

Sunday, March 8, 2009

my sweet baby boy is back!

Paige and Coley at Alfreds before Saturdays game vs Tulane, Go Tigers!
James, Colton, and Kimmie

It has been a rough week here at the Mays house. Tuesday was Colton's 2nd day of school and he had a horrible day. Screamed all day long. It is so nice having him there with me because I am able to go down and check in on him, or even TRY to console him when he needs it. Well, even i was unable to console him. I took him to the Dr Wednesday after a long night of no sleep and lots of crying. They determined it wasn't his ears or his teeth. So what is it? Blisters and Ulcers lining his sweet little throat. He was in so much pain. It was a virus, so Dr. Miller prescribed some meds with Codine for pain. We also did some blood work, his white count was elevated, so they gave him a shot of recefrin (sp?) to knock out any looming infection. Wednesday night was just as rough if not worse than the night before. All the screaming and moaning irritated his throat even more. Thursday we returned for more blood work, the white count came back down--yay! bad news, we have to ride out the blisters. Poor guy was not eating, and lost almost a pound in just 2 days. We all know he loves his food, hehe. Well, each day has been better and he is eating again--even squash and sweet potatoes. Thanks for your prayers and concerns. We are all sleeping and happy again!

This was supposed to be his 16 week check up, but with the illness we will wait until the week after next. Can you believe that he Will be 18 weeks on Thursday?!?!?!?

25 1/2 inches, 18.4 lbs

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Brenda said...

Hey Jamie, I mentioned to Sarah to google "hand, foot and mouth disease". When I worked at a daycare, we had an outbreak of that. Little ones get it when they go barefoot on the floor or are crawling. It appears with fluish symptoms and fever sometimes and they get really painful sores on their hands and feet and even in their mouths. Doesn't sound like what Colton had since it was only in his mouth but just an FYI. He's getting really big!