My Loves

My Loves

Friday, March 20, 2009

Colton's first visit to the Memphis Zoo

Isn't this hysterical?!?! This giraffe was thirsty and tried repeatedly to get lower and lower to the water.

Smiley boy, he loved being outside!

Sleepy baby!

Ok, some days I feel like this Hippo! I found out that they don't sweat, but they do secrete this red stuff that helps keep them cool and protects them from the sun. Wow!

Tuesday, Coley and I were on Spring Break--they weather was amazing - so we packed up and headed to the zoo. What a fun day. Colton loved being outside and we loved it too. Thanks to Angie Ware we had a coupon for $4 bucks off of each of our admissions. Sweet! We would love to have a zoo membership so we could go all the time. He only slept for about 20 minutes and was happy all day! We even had to use sunscreen on his chubby legs! Can't wait to go back!

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