My Loves

My Loves

Friday, April 10, 2015

Be still my heart...

How can this be happening?!?!?!

Cap and Gown pics!
Whaaaaa, only 6 more weeks of Kindergarten. He has grown and changed in so many ways this year. Colton loves school...his teacher, friends, the people-ALL of it. He is so excited for first grade, but it hurts my heart a little  a lot to see him growing up so fast.
 Cheesin with his buddies while they wait.
 I love this shot of the boys, they were giggling and goofing off. They kept saying, "you are wearing a dress!"
My angel face, I love him so much!
Where are the tissues?

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Kristin said...

OH EM GEE. I can't handle this!!!