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My Loves

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Coley woke up Easter morning wheezing and feeling sort of puny. He was hit with a yucky tummy the day before and was just not 100%.
He was able to hunt for eggs that the Easter Bunny left for him!

I went to church and the boys stayed home to do a breathing treatment and rest up for the day.
Church was amazing, one of my favorite services at Hope ( and I have attended there since I was 19!). The music, the message, and the was all fantastic and a true celebration of our Risen Savior.
Here is a link to the service, one of the best parts starts around minute 53. Check it out, I promise its worth your time. I came home last night and re watched it with my boys.
After church we finished up all of our Easter Day prep work. Our first stop was to Zha Zha and Granddaddy's (Josh's parents)  for lunch and Colton's yearly egg hunt with JR. Lunch was wonderful and watching egg hunt was very entertaining!
 Colton made a special sign with art supplies that the Easter Bunny left.
"Go Colton Go, Boo JR!"
 Let the silliness commence!
They  Colton was very competitive.

 Love these colors on him. I scored this Carters shirt at Marshalls from $6.
 Looking for the golden egg!
 Colton found it before JR did!
 We aren't too sure what JR was hunting for.
JR pulled a funny joke on Colton and had his own Golden Egg!
 Family Pic
 Colton with Zha Zha and Granddaddy
 Leibie Girl
 Colton, Grandma, and JR
JR and his granddaughter, Allison
We left the Mays and headed to YeahYea and Poppy's (my parents) for dinner and more egg hunting. Yesterday was also my dads birthday, so it was a double celebration.
 Miki wanted to join Poppy and Coley for a game of basketball.
 hmmmm, whats inside this egg?!?!
 She quickly caught on to the process!

 Why does he look like he is 10!?!?!
 Another Golden Egg, yay.

Miki was loving the egg hunt.

 Oh, I love this Little bow wearing nugget so much!
 Mmmmm, chocolate

 Many faces of Miki

 Aunt T stopped by to say hi!
 More chocolate!
This was mostly a photo dump, but that's the reason I blog!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.
Happy Birthday Poppy!

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